Friday, December 21, 2007

Khary Randolph's "The Black Book"

Khary's new book is out.....
The Black Book
He is a well-known illustrator based out of NYC
A portrait of me is in his book
You can pick up the book here if you like pretty artwork:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who needs a lawnmower - buy some sheep....

As you travel down south - the scenery contains more and more churches. It's like this: KFC, church, McDonalds, church, Shoney's, church...... The citizens become more bible hugging, non-liberal, repenting republicans...... Yet, somehow their gas stations have the most perverted names ever. I mean, the Slip In, the Kum and Go, Peckers, and T&A? Are you kidding me?

Hotel I was staying at last night, had those little sprinkler-pipes all over the ceiling..... Next to each one was a sticker of a closet hanger.... saying, "DO NOT hang your clothes here".... and I thought that was funny. Because someone must have done that, draping their clothes around the room on the sprinklers....

Thought it was snowing in NC, but it was cotton season - then I thought it was snowing in SC but that was just dead roosters on the highway....

Jiffy Lube. Got my oil changed, new wipers put on the car. In the waiting room, the Garden Channel was playing..... I've decided that my new goal in life is to walk around a garden using words like "Grandeur" and "Fantastical" - and get paid for it.

I have started gluing Chinese fortunes to my computer with eyelash glue..... the fortunes remind me about things that are important.... like. "If a rubber band is pulled, shot in a direction, it will go straight." "If you seek the seeker you will be sought" or "Any decision you have to make tomorrow is a good decision" (I love that one... because it justifies anything I do).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Been Living in Fredericksburg for days now...

Life on the road is just ups and downs, all the time - I wish I was better equip to deal with it, no stopping it. Great time in Rockville and ended up in Fredericksburg all depressed again.... first three cancellations, missed a shoot in Richmond, and then a photographer canceled because my voicemail said I was in NYC (I never use my phone.... I haven't changed the message in a solid month) So I have just been sitting around, stuck in a big funk, living off the Noodle Company and wi-fi..... I got to play with a puppy at Motel 6 last night, it was two months old......

...... Ooooh and I am reading the last book from The Golden Compass.... it is really addicting. I want to just curl up and do nothing but read. I wish I had a daemon, then I would never be alone so much.... I wonder what mine would be? They say that your daemon reflects who you are - so mine would be something clever, fun to look at, always getting into trouble - like a raccoon... Yes, I would have a raccoon daemon. It would travel the country with me, sitting shotgun .... he would eat all the garbage in the front seat!!!!

I am working in the Hamptons tomorrow, so it looks like I am finally back on the road again - If the scenery changes, perhaps the weather will change, then I can finally put the top down - and life will be awesome...... I heard it is in the 70s in NC right now. That kind of weather will make anyone smile.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

While You Were Out:

Mick Jagger called.
He is mightily pissed.
He says... he can't get no satisfaction.

The Renaissance....

"So, what kind of photography do you shoot?"

"Me? Renaissance.... most of my photography resembles paintings from the Renaissance - old, delicate. I paint with light - ... love the richness of that era....."

"Wow, that is awesome, that time period was beautiful...."
*drops robe* ".. lets shoot!!"

"Yes! Lets do that! Now.... I want you to go over there and put your boob on the doornob. Yea. Now put it on the chair, the table.... yea, that is just great!"

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pin-Up Event... SlyHorse Studios!!

Right now I am in Fredericksburg Virginia.... All three of my shoots canceled for this afternoon - Although cancellations always suck..... I am really excited for the freetime - Spent the morning running errands. Sending off the E-bay stuff, car washin, oil changin, deposits for the bank, laundry, cleaned out the front seat of my car - which was starting to smell like a really funky-nasty-armpit? I did not touch it, kicked all the garbage out of the car with my foot....

Pin-up event went well.... , There were about fifteen photographers at the studio when I got there. In the end, I did not end up shooting in the studio..... just too many people, too many lenses.

Everything wraps up, right? A bunch of people go to the restaurant around the corner - Kevin, Tyger, Em, .... we get late night sandwiches, some drinks, talk about love, sex, rock n roll and clitoris rings. Get back to the studio to sleep, 2:30 am - and I hear a *rap rap rappin* on the door. Tyger's car overheated!!! Emily and him are stranded!!!! So here we are in a studio - sleeping under softboxes and alien bees....  my airbed, a funny shaped couch thing (for Em), and a blow up piece of cheese (for Tyger). Together we made this demented sleepover party into a photography studio.... Nude model London, eighteen year old Emily Fine, and a /photographer named Tyger.....  I swear, it was one of the best nights of the month, hands down. I love 3-dimensional people - I love real conversation.... I love staying up until 4am with good company.... Em's first edit is on the left....

I also think that I messed up the rest of my life today - Because this never happens. Went to the post office today, nearly hit this really cute guy with my car. Rolled down my window (No make up, hair messy, just sweats on, looking like a total mess) - apologized for being blind and stupid. "Shouldn't be driving a car to begin with.." He smiled.... I went into the post office and came back to a note on my car.... "Think you are beautiful (deaf, dumb, blind and all) Want to get to know you, please come and meet me for lunch at 2pm... hope you show up." I smiled a lot, because he was really cute with his sandy hair and I did not look beautiful at all - But then - I never went..... that is right, I totally fucked up the universal alignment with the hot man at the post office.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Retiring..... A Way of Life

So I took a break on writing - mostly because I feel like my drive has been model, to travel, to book jobs, to stay so busy all the time. Was talking to Kerri Taylor today on MM and she mentioned about how bored she is with modeling....... Is it weird that I agree with her? Being bored?.... And again, just a few months ago - Liz Ashley mentioned to me she was also bored. Wanting to move away from nude modeling - into fitness modeling, "Just for a change." Totally understood. Tonight I mentioned to a photographer that I might retire this year......, "Looks like you've smartened up," he said...... Which kind of took me back.... Do photographers look down on models? It was such a weird statement......

I wonder if the feeling comes and goes?...... if it sticks?.... or if we'll go out and do something new? Who knows, maybe Kerri will quit next year, maybe Liz will be in a fitness mag, and maybe I will go to school and get a bar tending job somewhere.....

Some days though, I wake up and I'm just so excited to go work - Like today! Shot in a giant warehouse against all these beautiful murals, with a space heater, some good coffee, and good company ..... climbed up on a roof, got naked, stopped the construction across the street..... it was fun. Tonight I sleep at Slyhorse Studios and they are having a pin-up event tomorrow evening, which I am going to be a part of....... (What is up with all this pin-up stuff lately? I am getting hired left and right for it.....)

I miss Matthew, it has got me in a funk..... traveling alone is not all that much fun..... it is like you do a million awesome things, but there is no one to share it with..... I cannot wait for the Holidays, flying out of Savannah back to Syracuse - visit Little Kitty..... Only two weeks, hopefully I get in a better mood about all this.....

Monday, December 3, 2007

Round round get around..... 2nd time around...

Spent last week, working my butt off - because Christmas is just around the corner and I want to make it memorable..... I have also been taking a lot of time off, sitting around in Long Island - trying to figure out my next big move. I think I have it pinned down, this is my new schedule for this year. I am going back on the road on Thursday morning - Destination: DC....
This time around, I am going to all the cities that I missed, Savannah (Ever read the book: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.... always wanted to go there after reading it), Key West, Memphis, Little Rock, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Fresno, Seattle, all of Canada, Fargo, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and all the National Parks in between.... even the Big Bend in Southern Texas and Jasper up near Edmonton.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Groupshoots and Pink Lipstick...

Shot with a 67 year old lady a few days ago. Pink lipstick, totally covered in tats..... her and her husband have the largest collection of plaster fish from Key West - than anyone else in the world! Fish everywhere! They also had two rescued greyhounds and a handful of beautiful cars that I would die for....

Lori Mann is awesome - we took beautiful photos, ate cheese and crackers, gossiped about boys, and went out on the town for her boyfriend's birthday. And let me tell you, I needed a night like that.... it was like hanging out with my friends or something. People who are that open, are what makes my world go-round.....

I really enjoy being in this area and I am happy that I do so well with work here - Today I shot for that European clothing line and I actually attended a groupshoot based on me being the only model - Not going to lie, as fun it was - groupshoots just are not my thing. I, completely and totally, enjoy the connection you get in a one-on-one situation - to me, a photoshoot is not just solely photos ... It consists of conversation, a mood, an atmosphere, emotions, creative ideas - you build the way that photos are taken.... you remember the shoot and people that go along with it.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back at it.....

"So here I am - on the road again....
There I am, up on the stage
Here I go, playin the star again...
There I go..... turn the page..."

I spent the weekend, shooting a bunch of ridiculous clips with a friend of mine - sitting on balloons, blow drying my hair, drinking water, smushing little people under my stilettos, putting on makeup, working on vampire foot fetish..... it is always a goodtime, hanging out with people who's lives are just as strange as your own. No one asks questions - you just film the stuff and giggle a lot.....

Back on the road: This afternoon, kind of unwillingly, I left home again.... It wasn't Mom or anything, it was just a busy work schedule a-callin. I do wish that I spent some more time sitting around doing nothing.......I miss that-love that-need that-crave that. But as you have probably noticed, I am movin and a shakin kind a gal - kinetic energy - is where I am at.

Harrisburg, PA!!! Here I am.... Motel 6-in it. Just finished working with Mr. Timothy Lantz tonight - that guy is a like a digital artist god, totally brilliant. Just put out a tarot deck that totally stomps all over every other tarot card deck out there.... Wayyyy before I got into all this modeling stuff, I used to follow his work on DeviantArt - he was all over the place on there... Who in the hell would have guessed that I would work with him. Have not been that nervous in months....

Shot with Frank DeBlase the other night - on a bear skin rug..... I just wanted to mention how insane is it that - people shoot bears..... to have sex on bears... in front of fireplaces? What is that? What other mammals do that? I just picture this grizzly in the wild, catching fish in some distant river - and some random nudist couple spread eagle over the top of it. Humans are weird.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Anyone read Cyanide and Happiness comics?
They are genius - complete and total genius.

Anyways.... so I am finally home, here in Tully.... Mom had her Hawaiian party, people wore unfashionably colored prints at a fashionable party, they drank some overly sugary cocktails, old folks managed to shuffle a little bit to the Electric Slide, I got down with the Macareena - Mom was happy, all the attendees got their own starfish cookie to take home with them (which Matt spent six hour frosting the night before) - it was quite the party to attend on a Saturday night.

No confrontation as of yet - but it is like a storm a-brewin.....

Matt got offered the choice of traveling up to Portland Maine for three weeks with our good friend Jeff or heading back home to NYC (if he still has a home, I did kind of pull him out of it for quite awhile). He ended up choosing NYC (blah!) - He drove back with Patrick last night..... Pat dropped him off at his old apartment.... hopefully that will all go well. He deserves to have it go well. It is weird knowing that I might be back on the road by myself again, I mean - I love traveling. And being alone is what I do best. But I am definitely going to miss having someone to hang out with on the long drives..... you get kinda used to it.

Anyone want to roadtrip with me... : ) I will have a free seat starting in December....

Oh! And I managed to download a million and ten photoshop brushes this morning - here are some of my photoshoppin skillz... what do you think!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shit hits the fan... eh?

Matt and I survived the creepy house - but not without
a lot of lack of sleep. I think we were up until 5am just
huddled on the couch, half delirious, half watching
the unplugged tv to see if it would come back on.

Mom has found out about a few things and is coming down on me hard. She wrote me an email about how she cannot forgive herself for not being a better mother and about how she cannot support my modeling career any longer (she really never did to begin with)...... I also keep running into photographers who are assholes.... "Pout like someone told you to read a book this year..." Or that one photographer who just kept calling me Model.... "Model go over there, Model turn around, Model put on this hat..." "I have a name...could you call me by it?" "No, I would rather not." "Ok, then I am leaving..." "That is fine, Model." It makes you second guess if this is really what I should be doing with my life.....

I got to shoot with Dee from Flutterby Studios in Toledo today - it was a nice day off from a very crazy schedule - Dee made chicken feta burgers for lunch.. Jessika from Brokendollz came over from Akron... minus the fact that Dee would not let us get naked for her camera, Jes and I had a really great day - Nothing like spending the entire day with a bunch of half naked, hot girls..

Matt and I are hanging out in Detroit Michigan - I have less than a week to figure out what I am doing once this trip comes full circle....... One thing is for sure, I cannot possibly go home and deal with my mother more than a week. She cries and she tells me how horrible modeling is and she begs me to go to school - I cannot deal with that. Just cannot. I have things that I want to do with my life, right now, at this point and time... it is not what she wants and it is not what a lot of people may want, but it is what I want..... all I wanted was two weeks off, back home at the cabin, with my cat, with some hot chocolate, without all the drama - and that it totally gone. So now what to do, eh?

I could bitch forever about this..... but it is pointless and who in their right mind would want to read something like that.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If Matt and I die tonight....

..... it was ghosts.
Tonight we were playing scrabble at
the Ku Klux Klan house....
and the TV turned on....... again.
This time to the fuzzy station.... so Matt
unplugged it.... because that is really really scary.

We want Motel 6...
The place the TV cannot turn on
The place where it does not work to begin with

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cincy shootin at Mt Airy - bangbang

St Louis: The Arch! The gateway to the West (or in our case, the East....) Matt and I did not get to see much of the city, but we did get to take Mork and Mindy pods to the top of the arch...... we crawled into the windows..... marveled at the view... "Oooh look! It is a little man! A little tree! A little river!"....and then we tried to squint really really hard to find a little Chinese restaurant so we could satisfy our never-ending craving for Wonton Soup....

How do we roll? With wontons! - We are junkies.... : )

Indianapolis: Our Hotel! Awesome photographer needed a place to set up shop .... instead of little Motel 6 - he booked Matt and I this classy room at the Marriott. Talk about a great night, great room, great hotel - Matt and I had a dance party in our bedroom, ordered some pizza, drank free lemonade, used pointless bath products, watched bad movies all night, and crashed in a bed that was so fluffy - it was like a cloud. A nice change from things, I was starting to believe that Motel 6 was not only our figurative home, but our literal home as well.... yay for the Marriott!!

Tonight, here in Cincy...... we are staying at another great place, a photographer is letting us crash at his second apartment in return for a shoot tomorrow morning - The place is fantastic, really it is - there are real lamps and a stove to make tea!!! Of course, the woman across the street told us that it used to be a meeting place for the Ku-Klux-Klan...... "They used to hang people over there...." But, you take what you can get when you want a cup of tea....

It could not have been worse than the place we stayed last night..... the lock on the door was falling off and the TV kept turning on by itself - we almost got up in the middle of the night and left. Creepy.

Went to the Cincinatti Mount Airy Shoot today - lots of fun. I have never attended something like that before.... Out of eight scheduled shoots, I managed to find four of the photographers (how are models supposed to know what photographers look like anyways?) - Ate square hamburgers, drank apple cider, watched people feed ducks, Matt swung on vines, I shot in the woods with other sexy vixens.....

We need more photos on here - but our only point and shoot died..... you'll just have to wait for the video.... : )

Thursday, October 11, 2007

T H Taylor

Is the Little-Red-Fox-of-Milwaukee....
And Matt and I love him.... lovelove.

Aww--- Matt posted a blog

.... I love sleep and I miss sleep, let me tell you... I will have worked with over thirty photographers in the past week.... thirty!

Have you ever just screamed in your car? No particular reason.... just because? I love it! Between shoots, I scream in my car sometimes - great way to release stress - It is really amusing when people drive by and Matt and I have the windows down.... and we are yelling back and forth, really loud, about nothing particulat...  about something ridiculous like Fruit or Smurfs or Poop, haha... yelling about poop is fucking hilarious!

Do you see what lack did? It drove me to write a silly blog about screaming poop.... : )

Millions of stories from the last week - millions of really great beautiful photos, many which have been showcased ..... but how about some an out-take, eh? Shot with a great guy named Ted a few days ago in Chicago, at this amazing warehouse location. The place was an incredibly kickass backdrop... but as expected, veryvery dusty and grimey.... Matt had to keep me clean for the photos... candid is awesome...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

(Matthew's Post)

Don't read this blog unless you love boredom and naked dwarfs

Wow... holy shit photography that is all I can say! London is shooting all the time it is beyond madness. Her small but well deserved break in a few weeks is going to be well needed if you get a chance to work with her you are lucky. She is a really beautiful human being who believes in living her life to the fullest. She doesn't have time for drama or gossip though they will frustrate her for a few days weither she will admit it or not. She is a strong woman who respects respect. And she loves to see the spark of passion in people if a person is in love with their life she is drawn like a candle to the flame. She drives me mad but I love her, it is weird to have spent so much time with my original best friend. To think that in a few weeks we will be going are seperate ways is a relief .............and it is very sad. I am just glad there are a few weeks left, I am going to enjoy every minute.

I am not the best story teller so that is not what I am going to do. I love driving its like flying in an inbetween life that doesn't exist. We roll down the highway listening to top 40, dancing so hard is a miracle we stay on the road. Convertable top down car bouncing going 90 miles per hour the truckers honking their horns wishing, I am sure, they were having a J.lo dance party in there own '97 ford mustang. We turn top 40 into indie underground cool. "Its alright baby you aint gotta flaunt for me" that song comes on and it demands some serious sexy driving head bopping while you grind and hump your seat.

I love the east coast I love color changing leaves. It is crazy to think just a few weeks ago we were on highway one walking the ocean, poking star fish in the little mini aquariums. Life is ment to be like this every day it is supposed to be so beautiful that even on the worst of days you know you are free, and that everything is always going to be good.

Besides that we are going to be driving all over the damn place and that is rather exciting. I haven't been to canada since i was 8 years old "everyone loves marine land".....we are going to toronto that is amazing. I think I just enjoy this because its not real..... reality is so boring and this is nothing like any reality I ever met it is a good inspiration point just reminds you. Your life is only as creative as your brave enough to let it be, you don't even have to be brave you just have to listen to your own heart, your own soul, your own love. Remember to Remember. To borrow a good friends co-mantra. "Fight the good fight" its not a fight when you allow yourself to walk your own path that is the "good fight".

I tend to get sentimental and cheezy but I like being this way.

For all those who are here to read about London's sexy escapades she is naked right now......o shit you missed it shes putting on clothes we are going to an irish pub... I hope that is enough to satisfy until she decides to write a more interesting post...................................................................................matthew

Friday, October 5, 2007

An Epic Novel

Is actually what my life has become
- you would never know it,
unless you were to really read about it.

In the past few days, I have seen and reported a dead guy, rode naked on a blind horse, drove a photographer to the emergency room, missed a very important shoot, made a very important shoot (T. H. Taylor! Yay). Had the car crap out on me today and had to be towed (again). No longer have Triple A - They said I call them too much... spent the day in the ghetto, doing ghetto-like things, drinking cheap tea, eating cheap crackers, wishing my clothes were not so tight.... we have everything on video, it is quite amusing. We met this guy named George, god he was a cool guy....

Made it to Chicago, finally..... We are staying with Lapis the body painter. I will say that staying here has given me a slightly different perspective on modeling - Although her and I know all the same photographers/models - She knows most of their life stories and I do not. I must say, I kind of enjoy not knowing things.... I like that mystery, that creative energy that comes from some unknown void...

I have to be up early-early, for a worm
or something along the lines like that.....
I hate that people read my blog to judge me.....
... if you are one of those people, go to hell, ok?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One more month...

One more month, well, as of yesterday - this roadtrip will be over. Momma Bean will be throwing her crazy Hawaiian wedding party the last weekend of October - Matt and I are on a tight schedule to be back on the 25th to help her set up. In the meantime, my schedule has us hanging out in Omaha for a few days. Right now we're holed up in this cute little coffee shop called The Mill. They have warm apple cider (which I cannot afford - Matt and I are living off dimes and nickels again, at least until tomorrow). They keep playing weird funky Indian music - here in the coffee shop - here in Omaha.......

Matt and I have been trying to recollect the past few days on the road - "What did we do all week?" Cannot really say. The drive through South Dakota was painful. We both agree that we saw lots and lots of grass...... That state is so flat, so green, and so devoid of life.... that seriously, we got excited to see a street cone in the road - or a stick popping out of the ground - or a dead animal.... it was the most boring ride we have ever done....

Got pulled over really late last night in Sioux Falls for speeding - and since I lost my driver's license in NY's Penn Station (really long stupid story).... they separated Matt and I to make sure we were not dangerous.... "Are you a terrorist? Are you smuggling drugs? Do you have any weapons in your car?" Ha. I got to sit in the police car and Matt in the mustang. I kept asking the police officer what all the things in his car can do - I've never been in a cop car before - so that was interesting..... I did not get a ticket... and Matt was not a terrorist - so all is well.

What else?

Ooooh, Chinese Buffets. Matt and I have been hitting up the China Star restaurants like we are addicts... so if cops label Won-ton soup as a drug, consider us guilty as charged...... Because of both the soup and the fact that I have an incredible amount of work over the next 3 weeks - We have also been working-out like maniacs. We spend about four hours a day, just jogging, crunching, lifting, and tae-boing - it is quite the sight.

I have nothing real to talk about today.
Just thought to update.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bison vs Buffalo...

So Mom asks, "Is a Bison burger a Buffalo burger?"
.... I had no idea, so I googled it.....
The answer is this:
A Bison is not a Buffalo
(because buffaloes only live in Asia and Africa)
But - here in America we call our
Bison the American Buffalo....
(because we're lame and we wish we had Buffaloes...)
So basically if you eat a Bison Burger -
You are eating the American wanna-be version of a Buffalo.

OK... so I am done with the pointless rant.... : )

In the past three days we have put over twelve hundred miles on the mustang. That is approximately six to seven hours a day - Packed up from Portland, headed East to Spokane, West Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and eventually to Thermopolis? Not sure how we ended up here in Thermopolis, but almost hit a deer in front of our motel and the town we are staying in doesn't have a movie theatre - but they DO have creepy wax museum and a bar called the LooneyBin. Was completely sure that we going to be slaughtered by a bunch of creepy looney wax people last night.... it is just that kind of town.

Oh, I found Matt in Portland - if you did not already pick that up. He made lots of friends and stayed really busy while I was in NYC.

Yellowstone was amazing - Grand Tetons were 10 times better...... today we are headed North to Gillette, where
a nice photographer booked a room for us.... Figure we will stop at the local Hot Spring Bath-house on the way out of town.... heard it is a big historical must-see site.....

Last useless fact you might need to know:
A Continental Divide forms a border between two watersheds where water falling on one side of the line eventually travels to one ocean or body of water, and water on the other side travels to another ocean or body of water.... and Matt and I got to walk on it while we were in Yellowstone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spokane? Boise? Could mean a memory...

First off.... Portland, here I am!!

Advice on Flying:
Never fly US Airways,
No matter how cheap they are....
Frontier is way cooler.
They decorate their planes all nice and name them...
... today I flew on Wally the Wolf
and then Holly the Blue Heron.
They serve Sunchips! Yay Sunchips!

Sat next to a guy on the plane that is old chums with a mobster in the Philippines. He told me stories that were unbelievable - I do not even care if they were true - they were so entertaining, I have never been so entertained on a flight before....
He ate Macaroni and Cheese, only to find out they
were cow entrails... and he saw a chicken rodeo
in Wyoming... he went golfing on a Volcano in Bali.
He was cool.

Need to go find Matt... but he hasn't called my phone yet.
I want to go get dinner and talk about how exciting the
week was.... Matt call me call me call me.... I am so lonesome
without you.....

Memo sent me some new photos... !!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cow Harbor Day....

Worked with this guy in the city today - Mr. Potter. And he makes this crazy giant artwork from tracing models on canvas. Basically the model chooses different objects (rocks, seashells, ext) and lays them on the canvas in a way that is very particular.... it represents them.

He made ginger tea and a tomato salad that was to die for - and then traced me in blue sticky tape (on right)... and he read me his poetry, which is created for each canvas, based on the model's name. If I can get this right, my letters would be L O N D A R E W S... which of many words, one of them he says, spells Wanderer.... perhaps it was the name that led me to wander so much. : )

Random note... Today is Cow Harbor Day. It is a celebration held in Northport Long Island which celebrates cows being shipped across the seas, into port, and onto steakhouse plates.... I have never seen so many little kids running around at knee height, I spent most of my time trying to repress my ever-increasing want to kick them. I just picture it... *kick* - small children bouncing, soaring, tumbling, dressed in small bovine costumes, Mooing at the crowd...... "Mooooo..." they'd go. "Mooo."

I have been having dreams of sun, lots of empty land, millions of new places to see, the top down on the mustang. I want to get back to Portland, dammit!
- someone hand me my keysl and a strawberry smoothie! It's time to get back on the road!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love that....

... Brian D. Nelson's portrait of me... is me..... cracking up.
Ha. He's a great guy - you should go check out his blog.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NY.... Ny.... ny

So after a mental breakdown (if you didn't catch that)
I managed to make it into NY alive....
It took five flights, over 20 hours of airtime,
and a night of "sleeping" in a room
that smelled like unfiltered cigarettes and AIDS.

I keep hoping that Matt is OK in Portland, I gave him $400 and a bunch of numbers
of people that he can stay with while I'm here in NY. But he doesn't drive and isn't used to be alone.... Lets all hope he has the time of his life, meets his soulmate and finds his way in life... oh Matt

Topic of Photography!!! I love Bob Coulter..... nuff said.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Whirlwind of a week....

First off, I have no idea how to start this entry - so much has happened since I wrote you last....

My life changed a lot at BurningMan
Matt's life changed a lot at BurningMan
I am going to be flying out to NYC this weekend
because I need some me-time
and my me-time can only be found in NY
Matt either has the choice to either stay here
in Portland at a local hostel for 10 days or
he can move back in with Teddy in NY......
.....I am not sure what he will be doing,
Of course, I am hoping he will stay on the roadtrip
but either way - Strange bunch of events, huh?

So BurningMan... Can you really say anything about a place that doesn't really exist? It is a city. Black Rock City (just put the sticker on my car). Imagine a city full of bars, with a post office, an internet cafe, a playground, a yoga school, a noodle shop, a dance school, a taco shop, a pancake house, an airport, a tea house, animal control, clubs, ninjas, couches, water slides, mutant vehicles......the place is insane. Everything is free - and everyone wants to help you - everyone respects everyone - and life is just full of art and hugs. I have never experienced anything like it before. With luck, hope, and an RV - perhaps I'll be able to attend next year, we'll see.

Matt got lost for two days, on a bike, in his underwear, in the desert (sounds like some kind of twiested nightmare, huh?) The people of BRC took care of him, gave him clothes, food, sunscreen, water, good stories, campfires - and eventually, through a computer system in center camp, we located eachother again. The man burnt early - they rebuilt the man, I talked to the guy who spent four months in the desert building art installations, we danced in a duststorm, and watched the sky burn with great friends ...... the week was madness - it's unable to be described - so lets just leave it at that.

Matt was so happy - he jumped on trampolines and ate tacos at the Boring Camp

Now we're in Portland. We did the Redwoods. We did the OR coast. We slept in a town where the Circle K was the place to be.... they rode horses to the Gas Station. It was awesome.

As for Portland, the photographer we're staying with, Jim, is lovely. He made us dinner and gave us our own little room with a deck! Which is where I am, typing this blog. It's pretty cold here, but I don't care, I love Portland. I want to live here someday.... the air is still fresh and the city is so full of music and life. This is such a great place to stay.......

So tonight's blog is going to end like this:
BurningMan changed a lot of things....
And it will be good to take some time off from the roadtrip
.... if only for awhile.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Burning Man 12:01am

So as of right now, Matt and I are in Carson City at a Budget Motel. He says, "You're going to get pregnant if you keep lying on that nasty comforter...." but it's comfy so I'm not going to listen. So we're headed towards Reno in about an hour. I have two shoots, which are direly needed moneywise. I am so broke planning for the festival that my bank account balance is $0.00 and I've put more money on my credit card in the last week than I have put on it in the last six months - it sucks a lot. But on the upside..... the mustang now has a bike rack with real bikes on it. We have our costumes and our food....and if the mustang makes it a few more hundred miles, we will have just about everything we need to make a week in the desert work....

We'll be driving into the festival at 12:01 am this morning, with all the crazy hardcore BM people - I feel like it's the only way to do it. Plus the heat here is a killer and it seems to make the most sense to set up at night......

Favorite Street Names...

"What do you do to keep busy while you drive?" ... great question!!!
(he is a
product of
the NYC
subway system)...
Sometimes I will do a straight eight hours....
... it is a long time, so I have to find things on the road to keep my attention. Like ROADS! I love the name of roads.... here is a great list of names to remember:
  • Jay Day Hay Way
  • Wimble Road
  • Wamble Road
  • Fart Road (yes, I giggled like I was five.. I don't was fucking hilarious)
  • What Road
  • Nothingness Lane

These are roads you can find just about anywhere:
  • Park Street
  • Martin Luther King Blvd (usually a bad neighborhood. Ironic? No)
  • Frontage Road
  • Oak Street
  • Main Street
  • Hillcrest
Most overused word in a road name?
  • Lake
Why do you need to know this? I'm not sure
but this is how I live day to day - street names.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Drunken Saloon

Went out drinking at the oldest
Saloon in California last night.
Matt and I sang very bad karakoke.....
.....on a stage.....
..... in front of a room full of people....
..... and they all square-danced!!!!

Anyways, we're back in Yosemite for the day, wading in rivers full of fool's gold and hiking through woods - tonight we'll be working our way to Benton Springs for a night or two - before heading to Reno with all the other Burners..... ooooh, speaking of Burners, I worked with this lovely photographer the other day....I ran around naked, in his friend's yard, taking pictures as the sun set against a crazy jungle of plants..... afterwards Matt and I hung out at the house with a cute lesbian couple and they told us all about Burning Man and showed us their costumes.... they also offered to let us stay at their camp. So we'll be staying at the Sun camp at 8:30 an B-C..... for any of those who are attending.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Seriously, I worked with the most flattering photographer ever this morning - I mean, he paid for a hotel for Matt and I for two whole nights, showed up with a poster-of-me-for-me to sign, gave us both a gas card and a Denny's card, just for the hell of it... I mean, he even had I See London buttons on his gear.... haha... it was the cutest thing ever. I love it. Hope to work with him again....

As for right now, Matt and I are sewing costumes for Burning Man - I am trying to do a checklist for the festival in my head - tickets are bought, Black Rock City is in the works as I type - we're headed back to Yosemite for a few days to go camping (that place is just magical... it will be good to go back for awhile).....we're then going to head up to Reno on Sunday morning.....

Looking over the "things to get" list, I am a bit freaked out (who wouldn't be, the necessities for this trip are to help you survive the desert for an entire week) - I worry about the car, I don't want it to drag on the ground... which it very well might. According to the BM website, they recommend 1.5 gallons a water each day for every person... not sure how the car is going to cart 24 gallons of water + supplies, but we'll see. We can't bring a stove, because there is just no room - so it's all dry foods and things..... Oooooh, I bought the craziest sexiest lingerie ever today for the festival, you should see it, like a second skin it's so pretty.... Matt got some fabric and he's putting together this completely white outfit - he has never sewn anything in his life, but right now he is curled up in our motel room, with a needle and some thread..... Ha. Oh craziness......

I am so excited....
We're going to be a bit under-prepared,
but I believe things are going to work out
Things always seem to work out.....
I love you all, every one of you
Again, I miss my cat a lot .....
but that's a given... : )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am camping in Yosemite,

...and how wrong is it, that they have internet in the woods?
Haha.... even worse, how wrong is it that
I am I using that internet in the woods.

So Matt and I bought half the gear that we need for Burning Man.
Gott the tent, the mattress, a lantern, and some other stuff.... it's great that camping gear can translate anywhere.
Headed into Yosemite this morning - and I was like, "Oooh look, lets camp"
So we grabbed some hot dogs, some marshmellows, goldfish crackers...... Struggled with the tent for awhile. Went and sifted for gold in the river.... Matt took off to go swim with the French students - and I headed back to camp to work on emails.... haha..... good luck with that. I am now writing a blog and sippin on a bottle of California wine
(given to me by such a gracious photographer in San Jose) - Life is just So good.

Backing up a bit - spent the last two days in San Fran. Matt both took these photos and edited them himself (with a shirt over his head, in the car, blocking out all the light) - so I'll post those here.... Although our stay was brief...... the city was magical - and it's easy to understand why all my east coast friends have relocated to the little city on the bay...... this is me at the palace of Fine Arts....