Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy busy

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed looking at this blog..... trying to sum up a few days in just a few words. It's hard. Plus I think I have sunscreen in my eye... and that doesn't make things any easier..... So lets see

Matt and I stayed with a photographer and his wife....
....this little old nudist guy.... with big specticals
made us homemade apple pie for dinner.
Entertained us with stories about how his home
got raided by the police for having
nude photos of children on his walls....
... and how back in the day, he cooked for big-time celbs
at resorts in the mountains of Vermont.
He owned a donut shop and was justice of the peace.

San Diego:
Broke out our sleeping bags and slept on green army cots
at Mr. D. Brian Nelson's place
He has a cat and lots of bikes and nude photos.
While in San Diego -
Matt and I made it to the Zoo -
We discovered an animal called a Tapir....
Which would make a great poke-mon character....
Look it up!
Yesterday we went to Black's Beach for a nudie
shoot on a nudie beach...Fun! Matt got burnt!
Naked middle aged men jogging on the beach...
.... now I am not a man, but that has GOT to hurt.
Free ballin and jogging. Why do they do that?

Photographer of the day - gave me one of his Polaroid
cameras.... I am all excited to go buy some film.
Left my last Polaroid camera in Africa...

Yesterday I shot with the Vic Huber who
does all of the GMC car ads.....
You should SEE this office - whoa.
He shoots sexy cars by day
and sexy women by night for his book....

Now we're in LA and shooting madness....
Mad-ness. I need to get
emailing people..... Blogging is going to be difficult over the next two weeks, but I will try


Anonymous said...

Please do find time . . . this is a wonderful adventure/blog . . .

Thomas Del Porte said...


You are an inspiration! I think that next summer I'm taking my 9 yeear old daughter and hike the AT! I am already planning for my next cross country bike trip... you want to go?

Make sure if you ever get to wilmington or KofP that you let me know so I can draw you again... or maybe you could sit still long enough for me to paint you?

Much love and keep on rockin this amazing country!

Mario said...

You are the best! Thanks for working with me. Have fun, be careful, LIVE THE DREAM!

The folks at DemonGirl Clothing.

London Andrews said...

Mario - you guys are AWESOME. Matt and I had such a great time shooting with you.... !!!