Friday, August 24, 2007

Drunken Saloon

Went out drinking at the oldest
Saloon in California last night.
Matt and I sang very bad karakoke.....
.....on a stage.....
..... in front of a room full of people....
..... and they all square-danced!!!!

Anyways, we're back in Yosemite for the day, wading in rivers full of fool's gold and hiking through woods - tonight we'll be working our way to Benton Springs for a night or two - before heading to Reno with all the other Burners..... ooooh, speaking of Burners, I worked with this lovely photographer the other day....I ran around naked, in his friend's yard, taking pictures as the sun set against a crazy jungle of plants..... afterwards Matt and I hung out at the house with a cute lesbian couple and they told us all about Burning Man and showed us their costumes.... they also offered to let us stay at their camp. So we'll be staying at the Sun camp at 8:30 an B-C..... for any of those who are attending.

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