Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Grand Canyon and the BO Hotel

Grand Canyon was beautiful, we tried to make it back up there today - but the canyon storms made it a bit too difficult. So instead we detoured to wonderful town of Flagstaff, bought some jeans, repacked the car, and spent a few hours thinking of ways to save the world .... right now we're in a cute little cafe on Route 66, drinking some delicious Hot Chocolate. Matt is sitting across the table gluing postcards together and I am trying to dig up some work in San Fran on the computer - to no avail, though. It really sucks.

Not sure why I am running into so much difficulty in San Fran - everyone has always asked me to come out there to shoot.... confuses me. LA is booked well, but I think I'm going to bypass SF and move right on to Oregon.... screw em! Always wanted to visit Portland more than any other place in the US anyways - hopefully I can pin down a week's worth of work there.

Tonight we stay with a surfer who used to by one of my little brother's best friends back in Syracuse..... Really weird that I emailed him on couchsurfer and then realized five days later that went used to play kickball together in the middle of a nowhere suburb....

I miss my cat a lot. And I've been thinking about home more than usual - I think it's because fall is just around the corner... I know it doesn't seem like it, but it is - and there is no place like home when it comes to Upstate NY. I want to be lonely in October, drinking some warm cider, on a bench, in front of a lake, all by myself..... is that weird? I don't think it is.

Hope things are going well on your front - things are pretty good here in AZ.

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