Sunday, August 5, 2007

Seventy Second Post

I'm sitting in a laundromat watching Matt wash our clothes.... he buzzin like a bee, ziggin and zaggin among the spin cycles. Quarters like a gamblin man.... Ding Ding. Eight loads of laundry - bing bing, whirl whirl, whoo whoo....

To tell you the truth - we're pretty sure most of the stuff is clean - but it's gotten to the point where every last article of clothing reeks..... as does the car, right now (we are specifically blaming it on Vegas air quality, which consists of stale cigars, syphilis, and death) So we're just dousing everything we own with downy and hoping the car will smell like fabric softener in the morning.

Currently, we're in Arizona, hanging out in Phoenix. I've managed to catch myself up with booking (yay!) so we're no longer in jeopardy of having to fly home just yet.... Taking that week off for Burning Man gave me that extra week that I need to get back on track. Photographers are no longer replying with, "I've already booked my models for this month, perhaps next time."

We're headed to San Diego in on Tuesday afternoon - it will be my first time in Cali, and I am fucking ecstatic!!!! There is such a killer line-up of photographers I am shooting with..... A few of them being a photographer who shoots for GM cars (huge studio!), Raven's Laughter... My favorite portrait artist, Brooks Ayloa - Life is good for LA, let me tell you.


James M Graham said...

Kerouaciaaaan, you are, Ms. Andrews.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!