Friday, February 26, 2010

Headed to Jamaica! Whoot!

Travel: Make sure you have your passport and that it is signed. This is not the 80's when you could show a driver's license and get by, no passport means a quick flight home. (You have all traveled so no long diatribe).... The obvious rule these days is make sure that anything you cherish or need is carried on you (ie: computers, medicine, cameras etc). Your checked bags will be searched several times and things get lost/stolen all the time (Just ask London!!!). The less you carry, the faster Customs will be. Oh.....and by the way.....if you carry more than $10,000 cash you have to declare it.........I know London always has a bunch of money wadded up....he he he........... :-)

Jamaica general: You are all consenting adults (well..let's not get too crazy!!!) so no long safety lecture. If you have never traveled to this kind of place before it can be a bit odd. The resort areas will be lavish and wildly nice. The island will be lovely but the inhabitants basically live in poverty so there is much petty thievery and drug peddling etc. So the official advice we have gotten is to just be aware, pay attention and never travel alone.

Food: Food is one of the nice things at these places, but some basic food safety is smart. We have been advised not to drink the tap water even at the resort. This would also include ice machines too. Also if you order stuff like eggs cooked to order for breakfast make sure they are not runny etc. A story not to scare but a girl I work with in her 20's went to a resort in Jamaica last October and ended up in the hospital for 10 days with Salmonella. These occasions are rare but just be careful.

Resort: We have 3 rooms booked at the resort. One for us, one for Pat and London, and one for the rest of you. If you see a ball cap hanging on our doorknob don't knock!!! We are not sure if the rooms will be together or not as we have run of the house which means whatever is available. As we have already said it is all inclusive. This means all the food,drinks etc. All of the extra activities like spa, or whatever are extra. They serve breakfast,lunch and dinner. There are several choices for food a couple of which are restaurants that require reservations. The water park is free and is a part of our resort. The golf course is on site but costs extra. There is all kinds of entertainment on site and for you nite owls it ends by 2300.

General: There are shops all around us if you wanna use them so bring some cash (London usually has a wad of $100's crumpled up in her pocket if you need some). The dinner we will have on Monday nite will celebrate several Birthdays and any pregnancies that may exist.
Rules that may or may not be tailored to individuals...
  • Tops are optional for girls!!
  • Bottoms are required for boys!!
  • No sexual activity unless you are married (unless you are legitimately attempting to conceive a grandchild then by all means get to it!!!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 2010 (Vday and Jamaicaday)

Valentine's Day! Such a BS-Hallmark Holiday... Slaughter some roses, fatten your girlfriend up with chocolates, buy some fancy jewelry, hope you get laid... I know I sound pessimistic, but whatever.... "Oooh, sexy classy holiday of loveeee...." I informed Patrick long ago, if he ever did any of those things for me, I would leave him.... : )

Yet, this year.... we did celebrate a *tiny* bit -We attended the BurlesqueForPeace - A show benefiting Andrea Burden, a local artist, who passed away in December.... it was a really touching and entertaining show, Rebecca Havemeyer was there! She is easily one of the best comedians I have seen since arriving here in Austin....If you are in the Austin-area and need a great entertainer, she is highly recommended...! And if you do not need an entertainer, her website says that she will even babysit your children for money! Cannot beat that!

If you have not been reading my blog very long, this year my family did not celebrate Christmas - Instead, my mom called asking, "How would you feel about a family vacation in Montego Bay?" - Cue the Beachboys! ".. Oooh Montego, Jamacia, ooooh I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahamas..."- Like that was even a question!? Hell yes, Jamaica! All inclusive Hilton resort in Montego Bay with the whole Fam.... Momma, the husband, Patrick, myself, my little brother, his fiance', and my younger step brother. Pat and I even have our own room (which is oh-so-nice, cause I can be oh-so-bad!) Found the perfect bikini that actually fits my body (cost me $145, but it looks SO wonderful).... Really excited! Pat and I fly out on Saturday March 27th, meet up with the family in Montego, and make it home the day before my birthday.... *whooo!*

Monday, February 15, 2010

For those you, who love Matthew...

He is full crazy Burning Man awesomeness all year! Matthew decided to participate in the Syracuse University "Totally Fabulous Drag Show" ... Made his own outfit! Can you guess who he dressed up as!?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Houston Trip

Houston turned out to be a blast - Crashed with my buddy Billy Jarrell..... Billy is always a good time because he is one of those few photographers that really just feels like family.... There was a lot of wine drinking, photo taking, and tons of fantastic photography being created out there in Katy TX all weekend - Saturday night, Billy and I went out for a fancy dinner at a yummy steakhouse - Drunkenly, we followed that up with a jaunt to the strip club till 4:30am... Billy would say that we went to the strip club to 'recruit new talent' - But we both know that we went because we both love naked bitches on a Saturday night (... ha... or any night, for that matter!) - Lots of lapdances, lots of dollar bills - Important recruiting mistake, though: Do not snap a stripper's g-string - She will not pose for your camera and there is the possibility that she might say something crass and bitchy.... oh well....

While I was in Houston, I made a new British friend! We shot all these photos in a hotel room that smelled like Ciggarette and ass! - What do you think?