Monday, February 1, 2010

Houston Trip

Houston turned out to be a blast - Crashed with my buddy Billy Jarrell..... Billy is always a good time because he is one of those few photographers that really just feels like family.... There was a lot of wine drinking, photo taking, and tons of fantastic photography being created out there in Katy TX all weekend - Saturday night, Billy and I went out for a fancy dinner at a yummy steakhouse - Drunkenly, we followed that up with a jaunt to the strip club till 4:30am... Billy would say that we went to the strip club to 'recruit new talent' - But we both know that we went because we both love naked bitches on a Saturday night (... ha... or any night, for that matter!) - Lots of lapdances, lots of dollar bills - Important recruiting mistake, though: Do not snap a stripper's g-string - She will not pose for your camera and there is the possibility that she might say something crass and bitchy.... oh well....

While I was in Houston, I made a new British friend! We shot all these photos in a hotel room that smelled like Ciggarette and ass! - What do you think?


Evan said...

Glad you're weekend was wicked with Billy. As for those pics, all I can say is I wish you spoke Spanish because there are certain forms of beauty that I could only expressly appreciate in my Native language and you my darling are one of them. I'm sure that room smells a whole lot better after your sweetness paid a visit lol. Thanks for warming me up here in c-c-c-cold NYC! Happy you're back home safe; have fun! xoxo Evan

PD said...

Another successful trip. Despite horrendous conditions, the pics came out great!
Thanks for the tip on the strip clubs. Gotta keep that in mind. HA!

DraigPhoto said...

I think having Brit friends is a good thing (ESP. When
their nose is so broke their sense of smell is crappy ;))
it's hard to capture the essence, beauty and power of
anyone Shexy Bunnies are no different, but friends
never give up trying and look forward to the next
opportunity to try.
Will try and process more asap (had fashion designer shoot downtown today which set me back :( )
And stop visiting strip clubs and giving the dancers huge complexes, you know they can't compare and therapy costs em ;)

Duffboy said...

I think you tweeted about this hotel. Glad the pictures were worth it... hot as always, dear friend. The Guatemala Man

Ono said...

Hi there!, love the pictures,I was wondering where did you get your outfit? I want to get my wife something like that for Valentine's Day, we saw the outfit and we both like it.

Thanks, keep up the good work.
Hope to hear from you.

Gonzalo Mendez.