Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowing in ATX


Bad Guy Zero said...

I made two trips to Cleveland in December and there was no snow of any kind. A trip to Kansas City in December yielded only flurries. I had to be at home in February to see my first snow of the season.

Hopefully you won't have the same issues my neighborhood did when Dallas got a foot of snow almost two weeks ago. There are lots of grand, old trees in my neighborhood. Power outages are a way of life anytime there's a major storm. But the snow did far more damage. Those majestic branches couldn't support the weight. I was somewhat fortunate in that I was without power for only a few hours. My favored watering hole - Lakewood Landing - was without power for three days. They were able to remain open because they have a gas-powered generator.

The forecast calls for the D/FW metromess to get more snow in the coming days. I haven't seen it snow this much down here since the late 70s. And I'm sure we'll get some more in the next couple of months. I remember going to a Dead Milkmen show in the middle of April 1989 and coming out to discover several inches of snow covering everything. Dinosaur Jr. canceled their show a couple of days later because they couldn't get into the city. Yeppers...the weather in Texas can be really crazy at times.

PD said...

No disrespect,but I'm glad Ma Nature has been spreading the white stuff around to everybody this winter. Why should we Up North be the only lucky ones from November to April? HAHAHA!

Michael Sink said...

glad you got to see and play in the white stuff down that way, I'm done with it here, let there be spring! Have a great day, let me know when you're headed up this way!


vikingman said...

Only nice pictures,
no text = no complaints
about sending snow to TX.

Good to remain unrecognized....

Glad to see, You are creative as always

Any bidding on handmade snowmen on ebay soon?
Cant' accept to be sent a bag of water, when winning though, hope You understand..

Thanks PD
for mentioning it,
there are more luckyones here from Oktober to May :-))

Jay !!!

Evan said...

Hey London! Here's something to make you feel better. Here in NYC we have what looks to be about a foot (so far) 40 mph winds and it will continue non-stop into Sunday. The cars look like snow dunes they're so covered up. So you see it could be A LOT worse for you guys down there. When I bundle up I end up looking like some sort of demented muppet lol! That reminds me, I better break out my skis cuz I need to go to the market for some shopping. Hope things warm up for you quickly down there Doll. I'm sure it won't last and Jamaica is waiting for you so this will all be a distant memory very quickly. Stay warm. Hugz n Kisses. xo