Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 2010 (Vday and Jamaicaday)

Valentine's Day! Such a BS-Hallmark Holiday... Slaughter some roses, fatten your girlfriend up with chocolates, buy some fancy jewelry, hope you get laid... I know I sound pessimistic, but whatever.... "Oooh, sexy classy holiday of loveeee...." I informed Patrick long ago, if he ever did any of those things for me, I would leave him.... : )

Yet, this year.... we did celebrate a *tiny* bit -We attended the BurlesqueForPeace - A show benefiting Andrea Burden, a local artist, who passed away in December.... it was a really touching and entertaining show, Rebecca Havemeyer was there! She is easily one of the best comedians I have seen since arriving here in Austin....If you are in the Austin-area and need a great entertainer, she is highly recommended...! And if you do not need an entertainer, her website says that she will even babysit your children for money! Cannot beat that!

If you have not been reading my blog very long, this year my family did not celebrate Christmas - Instead, my mom called asking, "How would you feel about a family vacation in Montego Bay?" - Cue the Beachboys! ".. Oooh Montego, Jamacia, ooooh I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahamas..."- Like that was even a question!? Hell yes, Jamaica! All inclusive Hilton resort in Montego Bay with the whole Fam.... Momma, the husband, Patrick, myself, my little brother, his fiance', and my younger step brother. Pat and I even have our own room (which is oh-so-nice, cause I can be oh-so-bad!) Found the perfect bikini that actually fits my body (cost me $145, but it looks SO wonderful).... Really excited! Pat and I fly out on Saturday March 27th, meet up with the family in Montego, and make it home the day before my birthday.... *whooo!*


PD said...

Congratulations on the sale. I'll start gearing up for the next one. You and the family have a good time in Jamaica. I'm sure that will be hard. Yeah......right!
Nice pics, especially the second one.

Paul said...

Enjoy Jamaica, London. Look forward to you telling us all about it.

Brian Pearson said...

I do so hope there will be pictures of you on the amazing tropical beaches!

Gonçalves de Lima Advocacia & Consultoria said...

Hey London!
You are great.
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I saw a few things you left in
You are very sweet.
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See you sweety.

Anonymous said...

Congrads on the calendars! I didn't win one but I will try on the next one. Glad you did well on them (I knew you would!!!) as it sounded like you needed it after the bank issue. they suck.
Have fun on your well deserved vacation!
Doug from Joplin,Mo

Jim in Huntsville said...

Dang, girl, you look outstanding in corsets!! Bringing any to Nashville?

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best for your stay in Jamaica. Beach, music, beer, love and so. Hope we'll have the pleasure to see how your perfect bikini fits you. Lucky men who will be in Montego Bay at that time and have the opportunity to see you at the beach.
Love the pics, especially the third one, amazing body, cute smile, and those legs and thighs....

Anonymous said...

Honey, you don't need fattening up (well, maybe just a little) you're perfect....