Sunday, August 26, 2007

Burning Man 12:01am

So as of right now, Matt and I are in Carson City at a Budget Motel. He says, "You're going to get pregnant if you keep lying on that nasty comforter...." but it's comfy so I'm not going to listen. So we're headed towards Reno in about an hour. I have two shoots, which are direly needed moneywise. I am so broke planning for the festival that my bank account balance is $0.00 and I've put more money on my credit card in the last week than I have put on it in the last six months - it sucks a lot. But on the upside..... the mustang now has a bike rack with real bikes on it. We have our costumes and our food....and if the mustang makes it a few more hundred miles, we will have just about everything we need to make a week in the desert work....

We'll be driving into the festival at 12:01 am this morning, with all the crazy hardcore BM people - I feel like it's the only way to do it. Plus the heat here is a killer and it seems to make the most sense to set up at night......

Favorite Street Names...

"What do you do to keep busy while you drive?" ... great question!!!
(he is a
product of
the NYC
subway system)...
Sometimes I will do a straight eight hours....
... it is a long time, so I have to find things on the road to keep my attention. Like ROADS! I love the name of roads.... here is a great list of names to remember:
  • Jay Day Hay Way
  • Wimble Road
  • Wamble Road
  • Fart Road (yes, I giggled like I was five.. I don't was fucking hilarious)
  • What Road
  • Nothingness Lane

These are roads you can find just about anywhere:
  • Park Street
  • Martin Luther King Blvd (usually a bad neighborhood. Ironic? No)
  • Frontage Road
  • Oak Street
  • Main Street
  • Hillcrest
Most overused word in a road name?
  • Lake
Why do you need to know this? I'm not sure
but this is how I live day to day - street names.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Drunken Saloon

Went out drinking at the oldest
Saloon in California last night.
Matt and I sang very bad karakoke.....
.....on a stage.....
..... in front of a room full of people....
..... and they all square-danced!!!!

Anyways, we're back in Yosemite for the day, wading in rivers full of fool's gold and hiking through woods - tonight we'll be working our way to Benton Springs for a night or two - before heading to Reno with all the other Burners..... ooooh, speaking of Burners, I worked with this lovely photographer the other day....I ran around naked, in his friend's yard, taking pictures as the sun set against a crazy jungle of plants..... afterwards Matt and I hung out at the house with a cute lesbian couple and they told us all about Burning Man and showed us their costumes.... they also offered to let us stay at their camp. So we'll be staying at the Sun camp at 8:30 an B-C..... for any of those who are attending.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Seriously, I worked with the most flattering photographer ever this morning - I mean, he paid for a hotel for Matt and I for two whole nights, showed up with a poster-of-me-for-me to sign, gave us both a gas card and a Denny's card, just for the hell of it... I mean, he even had I See London buttons on his gear.... haha... it was the cutest thing ever. I love it. Hope to work with him again....

As for right now, Matt and I are sewing costumes for Burning Man - I am trying to do a checklist for the festival in my head - tickets are bought, Black Rock City is in the works as I type - we're headed back to Yosemite for a few days to go camping (that place is just magical... it will be good to go back for awhile).....we're then going to head up to Reno on Sunday morning.....

Looking over the "things to get" list, I am a bit freaked out (who wouldn't be, the necessities for this trip are to help you survive the desert for an entire week) - I worry about the car, I don't want it to drag on the ground... which it very well might. According to the BM website, they recommend 1.5 gallons a water each day for every person... not sure how the car is going to cart 24 gallons of water + supplies, but we'll see. We can't bring a stove, because there is just no room - so it's all dry foods and things..... Oooooh, I bought the craziest sexiest lingerie ever today for the festival, you should see it, like a second skin it's so pretty.... Matt got some fabric and he's putting together this completely white outfit - he has never sewn anything in his life, but right now he is curled up in our motel room, with a needle and some thread..... Ha. Oh craziness......

I am so excited....
We're going to be a bit under-prepared,
but I believe things are going to work out
Things always seem to work out.....
I love you all, every one of you
Again, I miss my cat a lot .....
but that's a given... : )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am camping in Yosemite,

...and how wrong is it, that they have internet in the woods?
Haha.... even worse, how wrong is it that
I am I using that internet in the woods.

So Matt and I bought half the gear that we need for Burning Man.
Gott the tent, the mattress, a lantern, and some other stuff.... it's great that camping gear can translate anywhere.
Headed into Yosemite this morning - and I was like, "Oooh look, lets camp"
So we grabbed some hot dogs, some marshmellows, goldfish crackers...... Struggled with the tent for awhile. Went and sifted for gold in the river.... Matt took off to go swim with the French students - and I headed back to camp to work on emails.... haha..... good luck with that. I am now writing a blog and sippin on a bottle of California wine
(given to me by such a gracious photographer in San Jose) - Life is just So good.

Backing up a bit - spent the last two days in San Fran. Matt both took these photos and edited them himself (with a shirt over his head, in the car, blocking out all the light) - so I'll post those here.... Although our stay was brief...... the city was magical - and it's easy to understand why all my east coast friends have relocated to the little city on the bay...... this is me at the palace of Fine Arts....

Why don't you post more photos on here?

I keep getting emails about this - the answer is easy
My family, friends, and people who I don't want to see me naked
read this blog often.... : )

But I will try to post more photos of un-nakedness as I go.
There have been some kickass shoots in the past two weeks....
.... like kick your ass, holy hell, no way, that's fucking awesome - work.

Wash out in Santa Barbara

Matt and I left LA earlier than expected....I had a shoot up in Malibu and there was just no reason to head back to the city. That particular Malibu shoot went well..... the photographer picked this cute little park in the mountains with all these horse trails. Matt wanted to help out (since he very rarely does).... he climbed some trees to pose as our lookout - unfortunately, suprise suprise.... he fell asleep.... or he was meditating or something because the next thing I knew I was standing there waving-a-half-naked-Hello to a girl on a pretty horse. She kindly waved back.... but I could feel that ewwww-you're-so-naked stare.... haha.... crazy people on horses......

That night we were supposed to stay with an old friend in Santa Barbara.... yet after arriving there, amidst having a conversation with him... I very bluntly mentioned that I believed him to be a bit egotistical *gasp oh no* - and he, in turn with his broken ego, told Matt and I that we had to find another place to sleep for the night. It was one of those wonderful/shitty kind of moments - because if we had stayed with him, the next day most likely wouldn't have happened. But it did. Because that night at 3am Matt and I drove all the way up to Pismo Beach, found a $140 hotel for only $35 (yay for the adorable Japanese man at the Quality Inn who like roadtrippin people) We got free orange juice and waffles in the morning..... oooh and they gave us an awesome map of the area. The rest of the day was spent on the pier, watching surfers, counting seagulls, and trying to find the best clam chowder in town.....

Being out of LA is awesome.
Let me tell you.....

That night I shot with some photographers who bicker just as much as Matt and I do - it was totally adorable. While I worked, Matt hung out with the neighbors, have you ever seen that celebrity midget from whatever that car show is? Well Matt hung out with them all night - he said he had to use The Secret "Look at this! I am born into the universe, this is so exciting! What a wonderful place to be born...." a few times to get through it, but all in all - it was time well spent.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's 9am. Just woke up...

... from a dream - See, I am driving my car and all of a sudden, there's this gigantic hill in front of me - I cannot see the top of it..... and it sucks, because I need to get to the otherside..... so I put my foot to the floor and pretend that it is a rollercoaster. "I'm not in my car, I'm on a rollercoaster," I say.....the car chuggs upward, everything is good, everything is awesome - Things change quickly though - from the new perspective I see the road is no longer slanting up..... No no no. It is going up and over my head.... like a big cement wave crashing upon itself.... The car is going too fast, I see everything too late, everything is so fucked - The car is going to flip over..... I am in slow motion, upside-down, I see cement..... and I wake up.....

....... just had that dream now.....
Years ago, that same dream was a nightly occurrence......
(The catalyst for my terribly pointless fear of hills)

Took awhile but eventually
I realized that the only time that dream
Is when I feel out of control of my life.
Used to be boyfriends, stupid jobs, my dad -
things like that would set it off.....

It is crazy what one-single-popped-tire
will do to your mindstate.... huh?

So the mustang popped it's first tire for the trip...
Matt and I were driving to my next shoot,
Got lost (as is the trend for LA these days)...
... pulled over in Santa Monica, parked the car,
asked some people for directions, got back in the car and..
*thump thump thump*
Matt and I look at eachother like....
I'm a girl - he's gay - we're fucked.

Luckily this homeless guy showed up and helped us
jack up the car, throw on the donut, and pumped
some air into the thing - coolest homeless guy ever.
Was telling us about how he travels the US
on that universal $300 greyhound ticket.... and
how he get medical marjauna because he was in a war...
He was totally and completely wonderful.

But talk about helpless.... if nobody came along,
Matt and I could have been stuck at that gas station all night.
Anyways, now I have to go find a tire place,
and then still make the next two shoots of the morning....
.... what a long pointless blog.
But stupid tire and stupid dream for freaking me out again.

We leave LA tomorrow morning, and it is very much needed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's poppin....(what's poppin?) It's poppin...

My lipgloss is cool.
My lipgloss is poppin
I'm standing at the locker and
all the boys keep stoppin....

We shouldn't admit to this, but that crazy-annoying-Lipgloss song by Lil Mama.... has become the theme song for this roadtrip. It doesn't matter what we do - it all comes back to poppin lipgloss... I'm telling you. We're poppin, you're poppin, it's poppin; we ain't frontin.

Burnt out. LA is burning us out big-time. Matt gets burnt out from all the lonely downtime and I get pretty worn down from all the up-time. We shoot from 10am-9pm on most days and everyone we work with is fucking amazing... just amazing. How many amazing people can you fit into a single week and still entertain? Not gonna lie - the photographer who cancelled this morning... it was so needed... So we're at Panera's and Matt is meditating (he got a jaywalking ticket earlier today and he needs to
listen to The Secret on his Ipod for awhile) and I am trying to catch up with work, which is proving itself nearly impossible at this point.

Shot a clothing line for Demongirlclothing the other day - I am going to send them a christmas card - they were all so cute. And Raven's Laughter rehabilitates wild birds - there is an actual live raven in his kitchen. Shooting at his place was madness, tellatubbie girls and makeup artistry, the guy has real talent and real passion, I love that... a salt water pool and Applebees. Turning around on route 14, cops going crazy on people... a loud policeman yelling "Great Idea you fucking Dumbass" into his speaker was pretty entertaining. Yesterday I was dressed up like an Aqua CareBear and the photographer was telling me to lick my nipples - and that was just weird. CareBears and Nipples - at least to me - don't mesh too well. Photoshoot ended early.... I was a little disturbed. A photographer I spoke to last night wrote me with this great piece of advice "just laugh at any photographers who are sexually frusterated and miserable. I'll bet they voted for Bush, the poor bastards." Cheerio - eh?



Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy busy

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed looking at this blog..... trying to sum up a few days in just a few words. It's hard. Plus I think I have sunscreen in my eye... and that doesn't make things any easier..... So lets see

Matt and I stayed with a photographer and his wife....
....this little old nudist guy.... with big specticals
made us homemade apple pie for dinner.
Entertained us with stories about how his home
got raided by the police for having
nude photos of children on his walls....
... and how back in the day, he cooked for big-time celbs
at resorts in the mountains of Vermont.
He owned a donut shop and was justice of the peace.

San Diego:
Broke out our sleeping bags and slept on green army cots
at Mr. D. Brian Nelson's place
He has a cat and lots of bikes and nude photos.
While in San Diego -
Matt and I made it to the Zoo -
We discovered an animal called a Tapir....
Which would make a great poke-mon character....
Look it up!
Yesterday we went to Black's Beach for a nudie
shoot on a nudie beach...Fun! Matt got burnt!
Naked middle aged men jogging on the beach...
.... now I am not a man, but that has GOT to hurt.
Free ballin and jogging. Why do they do that?

Photographer of the day - gave me one of his Polaroid
cameras.... I am all excited to go buy some film.
Left my last Polaroid camera in Africa...

Yesterday I shot with the Vic Huber who
does all of the GMC car ads.....
You should SEE this office - whoa.
He shoots sexy cars by day
and sexy women by night for his book....

Now we're in LA and shooting madness....
Mad-ness. I need to get
emailing people..... Blogging is going to be difficult over the next two weeks, but I will try

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Seventy Second Post

I'm sitting in a laundromat watching Matt wash our clothes.... he buzzin like a bee, ziggin and zaggin among the spin cycles. Quarters like a gamblin man.... Ding Ding. Eight loads of laundry - bing bing, whirl whirl, whoo whoo....

To tell you the truth - we're pretty sure most of the stuff is clean - but it's gotten to the point where every last article of clothing reeks..... as does the car, right now (we are specifically blaming it on Vegas air quality, which consists of stale cigars, syphilis, and death) So we're just dousing everything we own with downy and hoping the car will smell like fabric softener in the morning.

Currently, we're in Arizona, hanging out in Phoenix. I've managed to catch myself up with booking (yay!) so we're no longer in jeopardy of having to fly home just yet.... Taking that week off for Burning Man gave me that extra week that I need to get back on track. Photographers are no longer replying with, "I've already booked my models for this month, perhaps next time."

We're headed to San Diego in on Tuesday afternoon - it will be my first time in Cali, and I am fucking ecstatic!!!! There is such a killer line-up of photographers I am shooting with..... A few of them being a photographer who shoots for GM cars (huge studio!), Raven's Laughter... My favorite portrait artist, Brooks Ayloa - Life is good for LA, let me tell you.

Friday, August 3, 2007

It's so completely ON...

.... just










and that
is all

I need
to say


Heck Yes! : )

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Grand Canyon and the BO Hotel

Grand Canyon was beautiful, we tried to make it back up there today - but the canyon storms made it a bit too difficult. So instead we detoured to wonderful town of Flagstaff, bought some jeans, repacked the car, and spent a few hours thinking of ways to save the world .... right now we're in a cute little cafe on Route 66, drinking some delicious Hot Chocolate. Matt is sitting across the table gluing postcards together and I am trying to dig up some work in San Fran on the computer - to no avail, though. It really sucks.

Not sure why I am running into so much difficulty in San Fran - everyone has always asked me to come out there to shoot.... confuses me. LA is booked well, but I think I'm going to bypass SF and move right on to Oregon.... screw em! Always wanted to visit Portland more than any other place in the US anyways - hopefully I can pin down a week's worth of work there.

Tonight we stay with a surfer who used to by one of my little brother's best friends back in Syracuse..... Really weird that I emailed him on couchsurfer and then realized five days later that went used to play kickball together in the middle of a nowhere suburb....

I miss my cat a lot. And I've been thinking about home more than usual - I think it's because fall is just around the corner... I know it doesn't seem like it, but it is - and there is no place like home when it comes to Upstate NY. I want to be lonely in October, drinking some warm cider, on a bench, in front of a lake, all by myself..... is that weird? I don't think it is.

Hope things are going well on your front - things are pretty good here in AZ.