Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meeted, Greeted, and made it to Baltimore....

Meet and Greet was, to say, interesting - in the least. As I mentioned before, I have never attended one previously. So I could only imagine.....Off the top of my head this is what I expected:

  • A few beautiful models
  • Several male photographers (most whom who would be attending with hopes of catching a few-beautiful models going down on one-another)....
  • And perhaps some drunk mingling among the two.
In most respects, I was correct. But no one informed me that I should come prepared with several wardrobe changes, that photographers would bother me for my number, or that I would have to dodge a million GWC's at every turn. Oh and what was up with the random 16 year olds? They were handing out wife beaters in the hallways, someone called me 'Mami'...

I have officially left Philly, PA...... I am now in Baltimore, MD - Staying with a friend of mine that I met at FetishCon last summer.... he runs GirdleBound. Last time I was rolling through this area for work, he gave me a key to his place and let me hang out here for two weeks.... Almost feels like home....

Friday, April 27, 2007

Frustrated - Cold Foot-ed Photogs

Divine Lorraine Hotel shoot was supposed to happen this afternoon. Been looking forward to it all week... the place looks amazing and I can just image crawling around the floors making nitty-gritty photos that would unhinge jaws. But alas, last night I talked to the photographer over the phone - and he gave me the whole, "I've never paid a model before, what if we don't get anything good....blah blah. My images are in high-demand, people always do TFP with me... blah blah" Really dislike when people pull that last minute.. If you don't want to follow through with your original shooting plan, don't waste my time....

Also..... when asked him for the address... he kept giving me "6th and whatever-the-name of the road was." Now listen, I am from Tully, NY.... my nextdoor neighbors are cows who have more teeth than their owners (and to tell you the truth, I don't even know if cows have teeth... but google-images seems to think so... so whatever). But my point is, I do not know the streets in whatever giant city you happen to live in. I need exact addresses with zipcodes, perhaps landmarks, I don't know - something more than street names. What I do know, is that if I enter "6th and whatever" into google-maps - It gives me a location in Kentucky..... So take Kentucky and shove it, buddy.

Last night I shot with this 80's photographer from Philly... off the top of my head, I think his tag is TG - I was the first model he has hired since his friend Pretty Poison - his entire port is women with big hair, shiny bikes, and tiger print bikinis from the 80's.

Ooooh, Patrick is coming out to visit me tonight - He's braving rush hour traffic to spend the night with me. Really excited about having him here to hug for awhile - Plus he promised to attend the Philly Meet and Greet with on Saturday night! Figure if no one talks to me, at least I won't be standing by the punch bowl all alone.

Never been to a modeling Meet and Greet before - Not sure what to expect. Figure it's a good excuse to pass out cards and meet pretty girls... Mmmm.

The Break Down....

My income, as a model, is based on the following:

  • Glamour/Nudes GWC's (without a studio): 40%
  • Glamour/Nudes/Fine Art Photographers (with a studio): 30%
  • Foot Fetish (I have cute feet): 10%
  • Wrestling (Catfighting): 10%
  • Randomness (Balloon popping, WAM, bondage, ect): 10%

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wined, Dined, and Dolls?

Still hanging out in King of Prussia. Entertainment has been good. (Cause that's what shoots... are... they are my 'entertainment')....

My first shoot - Dolls
My second shoot - Feet.

First shoot was located in New Jersey
Not gonna lie, the idea of driving into Jersey scared me.
No one knows how to drive a car in Jersey... that is a fact.

Morning photographer used to work fulltime but had a heartattack, decided that he wanted to retire so he could to talk to his dog all day. His dog's name is Scotty. Scotty and him are buds. Previously mentioned photographer also likes to paint very expensive, very diverse dolls. Some of them are essentially what nightmares are made of, others would be considered wet-dreams. It all depends on what you're into. This one creeped me out, though.

Basis of that shoot was that I spent the majority of the day covered in Baby-Oil, Cool-Whip, and Chocolate Syrup - while, of course, being watched by hundreds of voyeristic plastic doll eyes. You're jealous.... admit it.

Second photographer was enjoyable. A foot fetishist. A lover of Italian women. An attractive man, indeed. George Clooney look-alike? I think so. I had such a great time shooting with him that when he asked me out to dinner, I couldn't refuse...... We went out to some local fancy place, giggled about nothing. He was showing me all his camera-phone photos that he took of girl's feet while they were changing in dressing rooms (which is actually kind of pervy, if you treat his fetish like Tits or ass or something...).... We shared some Amber Ale and Black Truffle Mac and Cheese. It was a nice break from the Chilis - with which I have been frequenting their Buffalo Chicken Salad every night since arriving here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello 1am.....

... I need to be up 6am.

Quick run through, this morning
Worked with a lovely figure artist.
He drove from far-far away - packing pencils and a giant scetch pad.
He came to draw me, here in my sunny Prussia Motel 6 room....
Fun fact.... he's doing a roadtrip too
But on a bicycle, with this best friend - His blog is here:
Their goal is to eventually look like a duo of Praying Mantis - From what I remember, the Praying Mantis is a big bug that eats it's male counterpart after it's done mating with it. Also, I do believe that it's some kind of superhero demon thing from a Marvel comic.
All in all, I think that either of those is a great goal.

Today I gave in -
- I went out to the mall and spent lots of money on stupid shit.
But not to's ok, because the stupid shit looks good on me. I'm considering it as my 'work' clothing. Other people spend money on things like that and justify it, right?

But my day has been steadily going down hill.....
1) There was the realization that I just spent an incredible amount of money on nothing but wardrobe.... what do I have to show for that money but thongs, corsets, and see through bras?
2) Really wanted to go visit Valley Forge, but I couldn't find a pen to write down directions...... so I sat around trying to memorize them but couldn't... so then I got upset that I couldn't remember the directions..... oh well.
3) Then some guy on OMP (#37207) sent me an email telling me to, "Stop spamming the OMP world....who would want to work with you anyways?".... and even though I booked 8 new gigs today (which is a lot for any day), that message really bugged me. Half the people I work with, aren't signed up for travel notifications..... how else can I contact them to let them know that I am headed their way?

It's about as pointless as two monkeys fucking a coconut - Dennis Hoffman (is the man)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Grass was Greener

.. in Perkasie, PA.

Today was the first time I have seen fresh grass in months. Up in Syracuse, it's still snow-mush. The grass was so green - I wanted to roll around in it until I was a giant grass-stain. I love spring. Haven't seen it in months, rubbing faces makes me smile.

Car update is: Battery wasn't battery-dead....
... the car was just bending and shaking some loose wires under the hood.
Some nice guy at the AutoParts store fixed it up nicely.

Did you get to experience the weather today? It was like 75 or something. My car and I drove around topless, it was sexy. You should have been there.

Along with the fantastic weather, my afternoon photographer was completely comparable.
It makes my day when a photographer doesn't even notice you're naked...
... there are no uncomfortable boob-stares... no strange sexual comments that make the shoot awkward
... They literally see nothing more than a means to create their art....
Broken Violin is one of those.
Here are some photos we took this afternoon.

Really want to go to the giant King of Prussia mall while I'm here. But I keep thinking of the George Carlin skit. About how tons of people just go to the mall to shuffle around with their giant backpacks full of stupid shit, so they can buy more stupid shit, to put in their giant SUV's which hold more stupid shit, back to their houses full of stupid shit.....

.... and you know that if I go shopping.....

I'm going to end up with a bunch of stupid shit.
Oh well, I'll skip the mall

A Royal Flush....

So things have been rolling...
Kind of like a square rock, but alas
I am just happy that they are rolling.

Yesterday I shot with a guy who wanted nothing more than to look at my butt. I'd go into for a sexy boob-grab and he'd be like, "Oh! That is hott, now if you can just do a 180, that'd be great. Oh, pull up the skirt. Yup. More butt. Yup." Harmless enough for a photographer, although when I went to shoot with him again this morning, he asked me for a lapdance....not cool, buddy. Not cool.

My car - either needs a new battery or the alternator needs to be replaced. After being jumped yesterday, it made it to Scranton, PA - but died again the Dunmore Super 8 parking lot.

Teeth like coke-bottles.

Headed to King of Prussia tonight. Give me a royal flush, darlin. Whooo

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Got everything into the car...

All the bags, the maps, the cameras, the wigs, the boots, the hats....
the make up, the hair products, the clothes, the short skirts. All the bottles of water, the snack bars, the sunglasses a girl could need....

... I turn the key..... and yes, of course.
My battery is dead.
Ha. I'm serious.

Many would call this an omen,
I'm going to call it bad timing.

Fuck fuck

Friday, April 20, 2007

Leaving tomorrow...

And so it begins.

Let me tell you..... it's SO incredibly hard to pack for 8 months on the road - especially when you have to fit it all into the itty bitty trunk of a mustang convertible. Toss one suitcase in the back and, "Oh," my trunk says, "I can take no more!" If things keep up like this, I will be driving half way across the country with 4 wigs and a vibrator riding shotgun in my front seat.

Out of here at 8am..... movin on out.

The Map

What is this road trip?

This roadtrip is for a few things, including (but is not limited to)....

  • #1 reason, Mom says Move Out: So I shall! Don't really want to get an apartment in Syracuse.... and I am done with working deadend, part time jobs that kill my soul - I want an adventure... this is the push that I needed..
  • #2 reason, Gonna-Be-A-Nude-Model!! In the last six months, modeling has become my sole source of income, my fulltime job. I want to persue it. Made a list of my dream photographers last night, hopefully I can check some off on this cross country trip.
    • # 3 reason, Seeing the US - I love to travel. When I was nineteen, I lived in Tanzania, Africa for a year. I also volunteered in Guatemala for awhile. And now, I just want to get down and dirty with the roads of America. Bring it on.
    There are other reasons.... but those are really the only three that count for anything.

    The rest would just be random bullshit about how I feel, how I need to prove things to myself, how staying in one place too long makes me grind my teeth, how I am homeless soon, how commitment scares me, and of course, traveling is always a great excuse for not wanting to go back to college just yet. : )

    The Booking...

    My mom finally gave me an ultimatum a few weeks ago - She said, “Quit your modeling job……. or….. Move out of my house.”

    I understand she does not like nude modeling (I can see why she is against it) - But I am very passionate about it - Is it really fair for her to tell me to give up something that I love so much?

    So… I did what I felt was right….. I told her, “I love you - But I will move out - I will live out of my car, I will travel around the country - It will be amazing.” I said that to her so Matter-of-Factly. That was three weeks ago… Now that I am staring at this map of the US … I am nervous… The vastness is daunting….. These last few weeks planning a route that circles the USA - Sending out hundreds of emails to hundreds of photographers in every state - hoping that I can make this trip possible…..

    Sometimes, I run into the strangest requests…. for example, here is one:
    "I have an environmental project I’m looking to shoot. There will be 9 frames, 8 frames will be Black and White shots of car exhaust pipes shot straight on (circles). The center shot will be a Black and White image and of .. well .. an asshole ..a metaphorical reference for car exhaust pipes. I’ve attached a concept ‘drawing’ in powerpoint.”
    The powerpoint aspect of that just throws it over the top, doesn’t it? 

    Booking modeling gigs IS a fulltime job - I think I have been on my computer for twelve hours a day …. The upside? Blood Mary’s and Sex in the City. It isn’t all work without play.