Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello 1am.....

... I need to be up 6am.

Quick run through, this morning
Worked with a lovely figure artist.
He drove from far-far away - packing pencils and a giant scetch pad.
He came to draw me, here in my sunny Prussia Motel 6 room....
Fun fact.... he's doing a roadtrip too
But on a bicycle, with this best friend - His blog is here: http://westernexpress.blogspot.com/
Their goal is to eventually look like a duo of Praying Mantis - From what I remember, the Praying Mantis is a big bug that eats it's male counterpart after it's done mating with it. Also, I do believe that it's some kind of superhero demon thing from a Marvel comic.
All in all, I think that either of those is a great goal.

Today I gave in -
- I went out to the mall and spent lots of money on stupid shit.
But not to worry.....it's ok, because the stupid shit looks good on me. I'm considering it as my 'work' clothing. Other people spend money on things like that and justify it, right?

But my day has been steadily going down hill.....
1) There was the realization that I just spent an incredible amount of money on nothing but wardrobe.... what do I have to show for that money but thongs, corsets, and see through bras?
2) Really wanted to go visit Valley Forge, but I couldn't find a pen to write down directions...... so I sat around trying to memorize them but couldn't... so then I got upset that I couldn't remember the directions..... oh well.
3) Then some guy on OMP (#37207) sent me an email telling me to, "Stop spamming the OMP world....who would want to work with you anyways?".... and even though I booked 8 new gigs today (which is a lot for any day), that message really bugged me. Half the people I work with, aren't signed up for travel notifications..... how else can I contact them to let them know that I am headed their way?

It's about as pointless as two monkeys fucking a coconut - Dennis Hoffman (is the man)


Connor said...

You're going to shop. Shop in Delaware, no sale tax.

retphoto said...

First, Congrats on your trip, hope you have lots of fun.

Second, forget that person on OMP, I used to be a member (photographer #108), but it's gone downhill from what it used to be.

Three, Jack Kerouac is it!!! I spend a number of years in Lowell Ma... need I say more!

Thomas Del Porte said...

Thank you for the mention. The drawings were great. You have added to my legend.

Have a great trip and don't sweat the money. that's the easy part of life.

and the directions to Valley forge are take a left onto swedesford rd and then follow it past king of prussia mall. keep going and it will be on your left in a few miles.

samantha grace said...

Hahaha, want to hear something funny. That guy said the samething to Alexa and I, when we where traveling and we both emailed him.

I have been emailing everyone on OMP for 2 years when I travel. I only had two people complain.