Friday, April 27, 2007

The Break Down....

My income, as a model, is based on the following:

  • Glamour/Nudes GWC's (without a studio): 40%
  • Glamour/Nudes/Fine Art Photographers (with a studio): 30%
  • Foot Fetish (I have cute feet): 10%
  • Wrestling (Catfighting): 10%
  • Randomness (Balloon popping, WAM, bondage, ect): 10%


Connor said...

>>Glamour/Nudes GWC's
>>(without a
>>studio): 40%

Of those 40%, how many belong to OGWBFC? :)

Anonymous said...

That information about how much you earn doing what is very interesting. Your posts are all very informative and fascinating.

OH, yes you do have cute feet, but everything you have is beyond description beauty wise.