Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Royal Flush....

So things have been rolling...
Kind of like a square rock, but alas
I am just happy that they are rolling.

Yesterday I shot with a guy who wanted nothing more than to look at my butt. I'd go into for a sexy boob-grab and he'd be like, "Oh! That is hott, now if you can just do a 180, that'd be great. Oh, pull up the skirt. Yup. More butt. Yup." Harmless enough for a photographer, although when I went to shoot with him again this morning, he asked me for a lapdance....not cool, buddy. Not cool.

My car - either needs a new battery or the alternator needs to be replaced. After being jumped yesterday, it made it to Scranton, PA - but died again the Dunmore Super 8 parking lot.

Teeth like coke-bottles.

Headed to King of Prussia tonight. Give me a royal flush, darlin. Whooo

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