Friday, April 20, 2007

The Booking...

My mom finally gave me an ultimatum a few weeks ago - She said, “Quit your modeling job……. or….. Move out of my house.”

I understand she does not like nude modeling (I can see why she is against it) - But I am very passionate about it - Is it really fair for her to tell me to give up something that I love so much?

So… I did what I felt was right….. I told her, “I love you - But I will move out - I will live out of my car, I will travel around the country - It will be amazing.” I said that to her so Matter-of-Factly. That was three weeks ago… Now that I am staring at this map of the US … I am nervous… The vastness is daunting….. These last few weeks planning a route that circles the USA - Sending out hundreds of emails to hundreds of photographers in every state - hoping that I can make this trip possible…..

Sometimes, I run into the strangest requests…. for example, here is one:
"I have an environmental project I’m looking to shoot. There will be 9 frames, 8 frames will be Black and White shots of car exhaust pipes shot straight on (circles). The center shot will be a Black and White image and of .. well .. an asshole ..a metaphorical reference for car exhaust pipes. I’ve attached a concept ‘drawing’ in powerpoint.”
The powerpoint aspect of that just throws it over the top, doesn’t it? 

Booking modeling gigs IS a fulltime job - I think I have been on my computer for twelve hours a day …. The upside? Blood Mary’s and Sex in the City. It isn’t all work without play.

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