Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wined, Dined, and Dolls?

Still hanging out in King of Prussia. Entertainment has been good. (Cause that's what shoots... are... they are my 'entertainment')....

My first shoot - Dolls
My second shoot - Feet.

First shoot was located in New Jersey
Not gonna lie, the idea of driving into Jersey scared me.
No one knows how to drive a car in Jersey... that is a fact.

Morning photographer used to work fulltime but had a heartattack, decided that he wanted to retire so he could to talk to his dog all day. His dog's name is Scotty. Scotty and him are buds. Previously mentioned photographer also likes to paint very expensive, very diverse dolls. Some of them are essentially what nightmares are made of, others would be considered wet-dreams. It all depends on what you're into. This one creeped me out, though.

Basis of that shoot was that I spent the majority of the day covered in Baby-Oil, Cool-Whip, and Chocolate Syrup - while, of course, being watched by hundreds of voyeristic plastic doll eyes. You're jealous.... admit it.

Second photographer was enjoyable. A foot fetishist. A lover of Italian women. An attractive man, indeed. George Clooney look-alike? I think so. I had such a great time shooting with him that when he asked me out to dinner, I couldn't refuse...... We went out to some local fancy place, giggled about nothing. He was showing me all his camera-phone photos that he took of girl's feet while they were changing in dressing rooms (which is actually kind of pervy, if you treat his fetish like Tits or ass or something...).... We shared some Amber Ale and Black Truffle Mac and Cheese. It was a nice break from the Chilis - with which I have been frequenting their Buffalo Chicken Salad every night since arriving here.

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Connor said...

I hate it when others have so much fun.