Saturday, January 30, 2010

Couture - Timeless Trends/Electra Deigns

Turning out to be a really good month - Two different corset companies have approached me, requesting corset work for trade - This means that, possibly, I could be shooting more Couture work over the next few months..... Timeless Trends, a corset company that is based in Austin, allowed me stop by their warehouse on Thursday night to pick out a few pieces - Shelves and shelves of overbusts, underbusts, leather cynchers...

Few days later, Electra Designs wrote, asking if I would be interested in collaborating with her on a piece. Sounds like
Alexis has also been looking for an attractive curvy model...
So I drove up to her home in Spring TX for a corset fitting yesterday (This was the first time that I have ever had proper measurements taken -In case you are wondering, I am a 46 bust, 33 inch waist, 49 hips... whoo!) Alexis told me that the corset will probably be finished in late March, so looks like I will be back in Houston around then.... Excited about the possibility of shooting with more couture clothing.... Billy and I are spending all weekend working on Magazine submissions for Secret Mag and Gothic Beauty - Also product wear for corset companies and naked shooting happiness.... (and maybe a few beers in there too...)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Roman Girls

Found these while going through some old CDs that I tucked away in my barely-used laptop case.... Tracy and I doing the "goddess" thang.... (there are so many CDs, I do not know where to start!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beware of Butt Carrot!

Regarding the previous post - Chris's comment should not be hidden behind a response button... ha... I am giving him his own blog entry....

"That guy is right. So very right. For realism you totally need a carrot in your butt. It's common knowledge that real cannibals prepare their meals by putting a carrot in the person's butt. Humans are totally inedible otherwise. Everyone knows that. Well, not everyone. But real cannibals know that, as well as most farmers and all elected city officials (read the fine print should you ever decide to run for office).

Best way to spot a fake or "poseur" cannibal is if they've got a person they're going to eat and that person doesn't have a carrot in their butt. If you are ever in a situation where you think someone is about to eat you, and they haven't put a carrot in your butt, rest easy! It will not happen! To eat you without having put a carrot in your butt would be pure folly!

(If they have put a carrot in your butt then beware! They intend to eat you so run away fast! As fast as you can run with a carrot in your butt.)

I've seen a lot of cannibalism pictures in my day and anytime there's not a carrot in the butt I'm like OMG TOTALLY FAKE. NICE TRY FAKE CANNIBAL PHOTOGRAPHY PERSON. NICE TRY INDEED.

In closing: I'm pretty sure this guy just wants to put a carrot in your butt. I would either go shopping for carrots (ask your grocer for the appropriate brand of butt-friendly carrots!) or perhaps block this dude's e-mail for eternity."

(Note: While looking for photos - I was AMAZED just how many girls DO stick carrots in their butts! Did you ever google 'carrot porn'? Probably not... who would ever think to do that.... Worse than carrots, a girl shoving a full grown squash in her rectum popped up on my screen.... whoa!)

I get some weird requests...

.... but this one takes the cake... uhhh... I mean.... carrot! Most internet models know about (I have several friends who have posed for them in the past, heard they are professional and fun to work with) - But something about sticking food in my butt - weirds me out... Here is the letter:

"London: I'm a HUGE fan of your work! You do some absolutely amazing stuff! Like the one where you're in the Santa hat and stockings--HOT! Anyway, I was wondering if you might do a couple of "cannibal-themed" shots, where you're being or have been prepared (very sensually, too) for some sort of cannibal dinner. I've got some pretty specific ideas about it. I'll just run them by you and you can tell me what you think:

It'd be two shots. In the first, you could be shown totally naked and being "looked over" by two skinny black girls. One could be pinching a spot on your rump and licking her lips. You could be grinning, happy to be receiving the "special treatment," finding it sexy, but not knowing what's REALLY in store. Second, you could be on a serving platter. Here, one girl could be in the process of "buttering" you up, while the other is poking a spot on your plump rump with a meat fork. You'd DEFINITELY have to have an apple in your mouth and a carrot in your butt, to make it realistic. Of course, in this photo, it could be that you've figured out what's going on, but now you find it a turn-on.

That's my idea. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who would find that Sexy. Go to or (a few your pics have been posted at the latter in the "Great Rumps" thread, actually), and you'll see that there are people who would LOVE to see something along those lines."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Antar came to visit me in TX....

This is me

This is me when I do drink... grrr... sexy.....

.... one
a year....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Texas Trip...

Austin-town.... Been living 'live' music, bad VHS tapes, cheap eats, hard workout sessions, and wishing Perry would take a chill-pill (god, I wish those so-called 'chill pills' were real... I would slip one in Perry's cat bowl...)

When Perry is In.... she wants Out. When she is Out... she wants to come through the window....From the window to the lamp, to the blinds, to my scalding cup of tea! She meows and howls and cries at the wall... at the chair..... at the shoe. Once in awhile - she sits on my lap and purrs..... and then I don't hate her as much. I keep calling her "Craigslist" cat.... ha.... but I don't think she gets the joke at all. Cats have no sense of humor.

Few months ago, my roomies went out and picked up an incredibly cheap TV with a built-in VHS.....Did you know that VHS tapes at Goodwill are only 50 cents? Who needs Redbox!? You get to watch all those great classics that were never put to DVD... or all those non-classics that just sucked so bad, no one wanted to convert them to DVD! Between VHS tapes and my long list of books I am reading, I do not seem to get much done anymore....

Been working-out like crazy for the past two weeks - I am running about 7-8 miles a day right now on average... Lifting weights, killing my abs till I feel like someone kicked me in the stomache.... It hurts, but it hurts-oh-so-good... I want to tone up - I want to have control of my body again - I do not want to have the blood pressure of a 50 year old woman....

Taking a trip around Texas this week! Was planning on traveling with Tracy Jordan, but due to the bad storm in LA (which is now hitting Tucson) - She won't be able to join me. Three days in Dallas, four days in Houston, maybe I will look into Corpus Christi and San Ant as well.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Curves in the Media

Playing around on twitter (like usual) and was pleasantly surprised to read @GaryPranzo's update about the new highlight on the Spring Issue of V-Mag. And then, my friend Chris Taylor brought yet another article to my attention! Hell yes, Crystal Renn!! While Crystal has nothing to do with the alternative modeling industry (nude modeling has absolutely nothing to do with fashion modeling)..... Shape, form and size I can relate to!! - Fantastic to see a size 12 Ford model (FYI, I am a 14), doing this well in the industry - Blows my mind!

This is a Win for the Curves, people! A step in the direction where being a size 2 is not the only way to be beautiful - It would allow thighs and hips to thrive a bit.... I am going to go out and pick up Crystal's memoir book this week.... in the very least, perhaps she can give me a good workout routine..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Photos from E-String, London UK

Most of the UK was a wash - but some good came out of it..... example: Collaborating with Danny and Erin while I was in town. Erin admitted that she had shot anything with her Rolliflex in over eight months - We shot about six rolls of film that day and had a blast - Check out more of her photos on Mayhem.... As a model or as a photographer...