Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squints McGee

Returned yesterday evening from shooting with Lonestar in Dallas. Crazy whirlwind weekend. Busy busy busy. Had a chance to hang out with Mal and Jackie for a bit - We filmed a lot of stuff. The best part was where Jackie and I were wrestling on the bed....and I screamed at her, "Get the hell off of me! Get! Off!" And she whispered in my ear, all serious-like...."Get off? I will later." Love that girl.

After shooting a six hour day - Dave took me to the Cinemax to see "The Hangover." Zach Galifianakis can deliver lines like no one else. The movie was such a giggle-fest that I actually got one of those laughing headaches.... you know, the kind that sorta... kinda... feels like having a hangover..... talk about a movie that can deliver, huh?

The ebay sale went really well! Whooo! Thanks to all of you that participated! Raised $410 on only 10 prints.... far more than expected. When I go back to Syracuse next week, I am finally going to be able to afford a new pair of glasses!! Believe me - if I had to keep squinting much longer, I would have been living proof that if you make faces too long...... your face will stay like that forever. They would have called me Squints McGee for... the rest... of my... life....!

Even with this horrible eyesight problem, I managed to squint myself through two books this week: The Rats of NIMH (which was fantastic - the print was so large! Yay for kids books!) ...... and World War Z (which was in-fucking-sane. If you enjoy zombie books/movies/horror or even psychology - this book is a brilliant read. Written by the guy who put together the Zombie Survival Guide).

What is going on in my life? Hmmm... well, next week I am headed home to Syracuse to help set up for my brother's engagement party.... Excited to see the family again.... excited to see Matthew for awhile (god I miss that kid).....

Remember in college when you used to put off the big projects until last minute (or at least, that is what I always did... and then I would have to drink copious amounts of coffee to pull an all-nighter). Well that is what I am currently doing with my NYC/NJ/CT trip..... Do not get me wrong, I am really stoked about going to the city and everything. Tracy is going to be accompanying me on this grand adventure! But where is my mo-jo?

All things are A-Go for Austin! I start booking the trip this evening (Indianapolis, Knoxville, Nashville, Huntsville, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio) In about a week, Patrick is putting in his two-week notice at HOB! Beyond ecstatic and completely terrified about moving out-of-state. I do not like being responsible for any other human being...makes me nervous ('terrified' is the word I would prefer to use, but I cannot use it twice....). Totally blind move - no jobs lined up in Austin, no apartments picked out, no friends to tether to.... blind as the Mice. As blind as the goddamn friggin Mice....

Photographer: Judas! Full set can be found on Brokendollz.com. Custom Made Clothing By: Cameo Intimates

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Victor and the Mustang, yo!

Spent entire week in southern MD with Victor and his family. You probably remember Victor from last year - he was the blog reader who bandaged up my car all nice and neat.... On this trip to Lusby, Victor blessed the mustang with a new fuel filter, a new hub assembly - got creative and even spray painted Matt's roadtrip scuff-marks off the dashboard. While V worked on the car, I kicked back to hang out with his lovely wife, Sara.

Must mention that Sara is THEE ultimate Super-Mom. This woman can be in ten places at once - She can cook a 40 minute dinner in 20 minutes, save a small child from falling off a tall building (in this case, her new deck), catch bugs for the bug-jars, decorate her kids in cowboy clothes, find the missing shoe, run the bath, do the laundry, and pick up the livingroom - all at the same time! Now that I am thinking about it - she would make a killer nanny for that nanny show - she would make a fortune!

Photo: V and I at the delicious ColdStone... mmmm Gummy Bears and Mint icecream... mmmm

Friday, June 19, 2009

Black and White Mag

Congrats to Matthew McMullen Smith! One of fifteen photographers selected for an Excellence Award in the new B&W Magazine's 2009 Portfolio Contest... Four-page spread of his work in Special Issue 68..... including one very-blurry photo of myself on page 59! You should check it out at your local Barnes and Noble - or Borders .... or something similar.....

Check out Matthew's work on his site: Matthew McMullen Smith, his winning B&W portfolio Here, or B&W magazine

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Current Music Listenings

Having a grand time in MD, although nothing particular stands out for writing purposes. Working, living, breathing - same old, same old. Considering going sight-seeing this week. Really want to check out Obama's new diggs - maybe the Lincoln Memorial.... need to make it that absolute Phallic creation - The Washington Monument! I shall take photos and report back to you guys... : )

Meantime! How about a music list? Here are a few new bands that I have been listening to for the past few months:

~The Be Good Tanyas*
~Neko Case*
~Gillian Welch
~Fleet Foxes
~Gaslight Anthem
~Ghostland Observatory
~Goldfrapp (Seventh Tree Album)
~Good Old War
~Greg Laswell
~Hot Chip
~Jenny Lewis*
~Jolie Holland
~Loch Lomond
~Low Anthem
~M. Ward
~Michael Franti
~Old Crow Medicine Show
~Rilo Kiley
~Ryan Adams
~She and Him*
~Tift Merritt
~The Tings Tings
~Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The bands with stars*..... are my current obsessions.... ! Peruse the PirateBay torrents or go check out Pandora's Box to listen! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reading, PA Airshow Girls

In case you did not catch me talking about it before...... a bunch of the Classic-Pinup girls, including myself, are at the airshow in Reading Pennsylvania this weekend! We are raising money for the Fisher House Foundation by selling Sexy Pin-up Charity-calendars to the war-time masses! 98 cents to a dollar gets donated to charity.... If you cannot make it to the Airshow - the 2010 calendars will be up (here) in the next few days....

Yay! A blog reader showed up at the booth today! John, thank you for braving the 1 1/2 hour traffic to get to the show....was really lovely to meet you! I wish the place had not been so busy - would have been nice to grab lunch or something...

Got to ride around in the Parade this morning! It was oh-so-fun - the folks here treat us with such respect....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flower Child in Cleveland

Located thee best vintage store in Cleveland yesterday.... Wall to wall, packed with the most intriguing memorabilia from the 20s-60s. The entire upstairs is full of colorful mod-furniture and glittery trolls and silly sunglasses. Downstairs is the granny closet - crammed FULL of crazy-fun vintage clothing! Giant brimmed hats from a polo field, embroidered gloves, prom dresses from the 30's, cowboy hats, shoes like you would not believe! You could spend a week in Flower Child and still not see half the things shoved into all those little rooms. Sad part is that the prices suck.... So next time I go there, I will have to be big-pimpin or bust.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stacie and Nikki

Although Tracy could not make it - I did have the chance to hang out with Stacie and Nikki Monday afternoon.... We shot See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.... The shoot was RIDICULOUS! Spent half the shoot booty bumping to club-tunes and gigging like lunatics (if you know Stacie - you could only imagine how out of control the shoot was - I cannot believe she is going to FetCon this year - someone needs to put her on a leash! hahahah.... funny thing about that? Somebody will) By far, one of my favorite shoots of the year - Andy, thanks for setting it up!....... Professional pictures to come later! : )