Sunday, June 21, 2009

Victor and the Mustang, yo!

Spent entire week in southern MD with Victor and his family. You probably remember Victor from last year - he was the blog reader who bandaged up my car all nice and neat.... On this trip to Lusby, Victor blessed the mustang with a new fuel filter, a new hub assembly - got creative and even spray painted Matt's roadtrip scuff-marks off the dashboard. While V worked on the car, I kicked back to hang out with his lovely wife, Sara.

Must mention that Sara is THEE ultimate Super-Mom. This woman can be in ten places at once - She can cook a 40 minute dinner in 20 minutes, save a small child from falling off a tall building (in this case, her new deck), catch bugs for the bug-jars, decorate her kids in cowboy clothes, find the missing shoe, run the bath, do the laundry, and pick up the livingroom - all at the same time! Now that I am thinking about it - she would make a killer nanny for that nanny show - she would make a fortune!

Photo: V and I at the delicious ColdStone... mmmm Gummy Bears and Mint icecream... mmmm


PD said...

Always nice to have good people waiting for you. Makes the trip that much better. Sara wasn't wearing a red cape when she was doing all that, was she? Sorry to hear Ma Nature & Technology gave you a bad trip back. Hard enough to deal with one, but both? Ouch. Good Luck with NYC. Hopefully Tracey is doing better & can reunite the Dynamic Duo.

Pete M. Bush said...

Milwaukee's Best? You poor girl.

Anonymous said...