Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squints McGee

Returned yesterday evening from shooting with Lonestar in Dallas. Crazy whirlwind weekend. Busy busy busy. Had a chance to hang out with Mal and Jackie for a bit - We filmed a lot of stuff. The best part was where Jackie and I were wrestling on the bed....and I screamed at her, "Get the hell off of me! Get! Off!" And she whispered in my ear, all serious-like...."Get off? I will later." Love that girl.

After shooting a six hour day - Dave took me to the Cinemax to see "The Hangover." Zach Galifianakis can deliver lines like no one else. The movie was such a giggle-fest that I actually got one of those laughing headaches.... you know, the kind that sorta... kinda... feels like having a hangover..... talk about a movie that can deliver, huh?

The ebay sale went really well! Whooo! Thanks to all of you that participated! Raised $410 on only 10 prints.... far more than expected. When I go back to Syracuse next week, I am finally going to be able to afford a new pair of glasses!! Believe me - if I had to keep squinting much longer, I would have been living proof that if you make faces too long...... your face will stay like that forever. They would have called me Squints McGee for... the rest... of my... life....!

Even with this horrible eyesight problem, I managed to squint myself through two books this week: The Rats of NIMH (which was fantastic - the print was so large! Yay for kids books!) ...... and World War Z (which was in-fucking-sane. If you enjoy zombie books/movies/horror or even psychology - this book is a brilliant read. Written by the guy who put together the Zombie Survival Guide).

What is going on in my life? Hmmm... well, next week I am headed home to Syracuse to help set up for my brother's engagement party.... Excited to see the family again.... excited to see Matthew for awhile (god I miss that kid).....

Remember in college when you used to put off the big projects until last minute (or at least, that is what I always did... and then I would have to drink copious amounts of coffee to pull an all-nighter). Well that is what I am currently doing with my NYC/NJ/CT trip..... Do not get me wrong, I am really stoked about going to the city and everything. Tracy is going to be accompanying me on this grand adventure! But where is my mo-jo?

All things are A-Go for Austin! I start booking the trip this evening (Indianapolis, Knoxville, Nashville, Huntsville, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio) In about a week, Patrick is putting in his two-week notice at HOB! Beyond ecstatic and completely terrified about moving out-of-state. I do not like being responsible for any other human being...makes me nervous ('terrified' is the word I would prefer to use, but I cannot use it twice....). Totally blind move - no jobs lined up in Austin, no apartments picked out, no friends to tether to.... blind as the Mice. As blind as the goddamn friggin Mice....

Photographer: Judas! Full set can be found on Brokendollz.com. Custom Made Clothing By: Cameo Intimates


ninjaphoto nudes said...

Heck yeah! World War Z is the shizz!

I haven't read the Rats of NIMH, but am definitely a fan of the cartoon movie.

Good luck in NYC!

Kev said...

I loved 'The Hangover,' it reminded me of some of my own weekends in Vegas - although the stripper *I* married wasn't as cute :)

PD said...

Congratulations on the sale! Someone mentioned before about picking up a spare pair. Might be a good idea. Just must be a bitch just trying to read. Good to hear you did not let it stop you. Envious. Finally getting the time to read again myself. The only way your face would have stayed like that is if someone hit you on the back while you were making it. That was what I was scared/taught with. Those all nighters were rough, but when the project was in, & the class over, I always felt like I had accomplished something big. That & I would crash for the next 12+ hours.
Could it be the booking part is the bad part of the job? All jobs have something that people don't like. Good to hear Tracy can make the trip. Can NYC handle The Dynamic Duo? Busy,busy. Just don't forget to breathe!

London Andrews said...

Kev! Really!? Did you really get married to a stripper!? Either way - it makes a great short comedy skit.... I love it!

Yea I might try to pick up a spare-pair of glasses if I can.... they always have those Buy 1 Pair, get the other Pair half off, right? And I already have all those frames because I worked for that Eyeglass place and they tossed all their inventory into the Garabage after one-year! So I think I am set - I need an eye exam and I need lenses.... and I am good to go! Whoot!

I am also selling copies of any prints that were in the sale.... since I have gotten at least six emails complaining that they missed the boat on the auction. So if you would like to purchase any 8x10's that were in the sale - just email me: bluebeetle3@gmail I am having them made up this Thursday.

: )

Samantha Grace said...

I did a completely blind move to LA. Well, not really. I knew people here and my boyfriend who wasn't my boyfriend at the time but liked me was here. Blind moves are fun. I know will me it took 3 months after moving for the extend of the move to catch up with me. You will love every moment.