Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Current Music Listenings

Having a grand time in MD, although nothing particular stands out for writing purposes. Working, living, breathing - same old, same old. Considering going sight-seeing this week. Really want to check out Obama's new diggs - maybe the Lincoln Memorial.... need to make it that absolute Phallic creation - The Washington Monument! I shall take photos and report back to you guys... : )

Meantime! How about a music list? Here are a few new bands that I have been listening to for the past few months:

~The Be Good Tanyas*
~Neko Case*
~Gillian Welch
~Fleet Foxes
~Gaslight Anthem
~Ghostland Observatory
~Goldfrapp (Seventh Tree Album)
~Good Old War
~Greg Laswell
~Hot Chip
~Jenny Lewis*
~Jolie Holland
~Loch Lomond
~Low Anthem
~M. Ward
~Michael Franti
~Old Crow Medicine Show
~Rilo Kiley
~Ryan Adams
~She and Him*
~Tift Merritt
~The Tings Tings
~Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The bands with stars*..... are my current obsessions.... ! Peruse the PirateBay torrents or go check out Pandora's Box to listen! Enjoy!


Michail! said...

Ah, I'm going to see Low Anthem here in Berlin in a couple of weeks... A friend recommended them.
You have been living on the happy side of music for the last months, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

Neko Case is in The New Pornographers, you should check them out if you haven't yet.

gibsonvt said...

Do you want company on Thursday's site seeing? I really don't want to go to work on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Neko Case has such an amazing voice!! I have heard some of her stuff and it is great!!

PD said...

DC is one of those places where there is plenty to do and see, & usually not enough time for all of it. If you do hit town, head over to the Jefferson Memorial. Yes, it off the path of the other monuments, but its a grabber just the same & the setting is beautiful. If you happen to see the Prez, tell'em we said hi!

Oh, by the way, the top pic on the entry came out great!

London Andrews said...

Low Anthem is amazing. I am so sad - I am actually missing them right now - they are playing at Bonnaroo tomorrow afternoon..... My friend Jeff, in Syracuse - booked them at our local coffee shop - Matt probably knows them better... because they crashed at his house the first time around - but on their second tour through Syracuse - Matt, Jeff and I hung out with them until 4am... pretending to play instruments and singing like crazy drunk kids (which we were at the time).... I definitely consider them all friends - especially Josie....

Yup - I know about the New Pornographers..... ha.... took me a few months - but i finally realized that Jenny was in Rilo Kiley and Neko was in Pornographers..... I feel behind the times here and there....

Victor! I am actually not going out tomorrow - got booked for three shoots total. Do you think we can drive up to DC on Tuesday or Wednesday next week? I really want to see Washington..... My days keep getting pushed back.... I am going to be at your place on Sunday evening now..... I will try to stay for 6 or 7 days.... I figure your wifey will be around on the weekend and I want to spend some time with her.... IPhone on Monday or Tuesday? Let me know... I cannot make the 12th... too much work in Baltimore...

Neko Case has incredibly fantastic vocals.... I wish I had the chance to see her live when she came through Cleveland - I was in LA with Tracy..... I almost flew back. I love that woman.

Hey PD! : ) When I come back to Syracuse in July - you want to hang out!? I am thinking I will be around for a week and a half - so I will have lots of down time.... : ) Hope you are having a good summer... school is out now, right!? *hugs!*

gibsonvt said...

No problem I have to work anyway. We can definitely go to DC on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We will be ready for you on Sunday. Sara will be out of school for the summer starting Tuesday. So you guys will have plenty of time together to drink and be merry. She is totally excited! You know you can stay as long as you desire. As for the IPhone we can do that anytime. Have fun, Congrats on the bookings!

PD said...

ABSOLUTELY! When you get ready to head back this way, holler & we can set something up. Unfortunately, no. Still have two weeks left. Talk about hating your life right now. Well, like everything else it could be worse. Hugs back at you!


Aww man you were in MD?!?!
and at the same time
sorry lol
Cuz there isnt much to do but hit up DC.
What part of MD?