Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flower Child in Cleveland

Located thee best vintage store in Cleveland yesterday.... Wall to wall, packed with the most intriguing memorabilia from the 20s-60s. The entire upstairs is full of colorful mod-furniture and glittery trolls and silly sunglasses. Downstairs is the granny closet - crammed FULL of crazy-fun vintage clothing! Giant brimmed hats from a polo field, embroidered gloves, prom dresses from the 30's, cowboy hats, shoes like you would not believe! You could spend a week in Flower Child and still not see half the things shoved into all those little rooms. Sad part is that the prices suck.... So next time I go there, I will have to be big-pimpin or bust.


Samantha Grace said...

My favorite vintage shop, I could never afford anything there. I know of an even better shop in the middle of now where between C-bus and Cleveland.

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