Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: End of the Year Review

Started the year off in cold snowy Cleveland Ohio, living with my awesome boyfriend (who is in the photo hiding), in the basement of an old apartment. It was cozy enough.... yet, I found that I was often unhappy... Unhappy with my situation, unhappy with modeling, unhappy with my lack of travel, unhappy that I could never get my mustang out of the snow drifts (and even if I could, there was no way to drive it safely)....

I did love that Pat had a job where we scored free tickets to shows.... it made Cleveland kinda tolerable....

This was the first time in three years I had a steady place to live (since before I was traveling around the country, living out of my car). It was the first time in my life, that overcame my fear of commitment to a person whom I have been dating since I was 21. It was the first time that I felt some sort of responsibility for someone other than myself....

During my snowy depression in Ohio, I quit modeling for a few months and did nothing but workout and watch movies (I looked fantastic! Seriously). I pleaded with the boyfriend to move somewhere with me when our lease ran up. "Where?" he asked me. - I gave him a little list of places I like and we checked off places until we agreed on Austin.... At the time, I really did not believe we would ever move out of Ohio. I was sure we were there forever.... But having the list made me feel better.

End of January, I got hired by Penthouse to shoot for - Met a bunch of cool pornstars, had the chance to see how a photoshoot works in a million dollar home. In January, I also found out that modeling-persona was being printed on Adult Boxes in almost every Porn shop in America (man, they should have paid me more for that for that shoot)

For my birthday, in March - Matthew (my bestest friend in the whole world) and I traveled down to Key West - It was a grand adventure! I rented a car, we ran out of money, and Matt and I camped super low budget for two weeks - living off of free campground coffee, the McDonald dollar menu, and fantastic neighbors who felt guilty that Matt and I were only eating once a day. We swam with dolophins, slept in the shade, read books, watched brilliant mindblowing sunsets, and braved bad tropical storms from our tiny flattened rainstorm tent - it was like a sappy romance novel .... well... without the sex.

Tried to avoid Cleveland as much as possible until the snow melted - In May, I flew out California to check out the Coachella Festival with my modeling buddy Tracy Jordan.... oh the sun so abundant out there in Joshua Tree! In the 110 degree weather, Tracy and I cooked in our midget tent (oh my god, it was a 3x4 foot tent! Tracy and I had to cuddle to make it work...) We danced and partied until the early hours of the morning - The Coachella trip was followed by Tracy's birthday at the Perez Hilton party.... So many stories in that particular month that I cannot re-hash.... but seriously, that was a trip....

June, I was published in the Special Edition Black and White Magazine - thanks to Matthew McMullen Smith, a young upcoming photographer in NYC.

Also went to Sedona with my boyfriend's family. I have been there at least eight times prior, but never did I stay in a resort - Helicopters over the Grand Canyon, riverboats through the Colorado River, Off-roading with Hummer vechicles, getting to know his family a little bit better. For the first time ever, Pat even let me inform a few of his family members that my modeling involves being naked... it was awesome... I really hate lying all the time.

It Was around that time, where all the blog readers pitched in and bought me a pair of glasses.... : ) I love you guys so much, thanks for helping me see again!

Around July, Pat told me that he was putting in his two weeks notice - he was completely serious about moving to Austin "Whoaaat!?" Truly never expected it.... Pat was going to trust me enough to quit his job, live without income or a place to sleep every night. He was going to move to city he had never seen before, a city he had no ties to, no family in, no jobs lined up, no apartment to live in - He was trusting me that much.... "Oh my god, I am moving to Texas!" Estatic. Fucking estatic....

August - Man - August. That was the month! I cannot explain it to you. Packing up the house, figuring out how to model my way down to Austin and make enough money for two cars, gas, hotels, food, sight seeing, Burning Man and first month's rent... and THEN I found Perry, the stray male/female cat, at the MethMotel - Which lead to a boyfriend, a cat, Burning Man, AND an apartment that did not exist yet... wow..... We had a great time. Two months on the road..... Such an adventure, totally blind.... Nashville, Alabama, New Orleans, Texas (which we bypassed, for the most part, because Burning Man), dropped the cat off in Arizona with a college photographer....

Burning Man.... Pat's first year, my third year.... No need to explain it - My entire year revolves around it..... that is just how special it is to me...

September, after Burning Man, I kidnapped Matthew and Patrick and we drove out to Harbin Hot Springs for a few days - I love the magic of Harbin - and Matthew still talks about it..... Eventually in late September, Pat and I made it back down to Texas - In only five days, we had found the cutest apartment ever, only 5 miles from downtown, with the coolest roommates ever (they are like family to me now), and I am SO happy! In come cases, location will not make a difference in your life, in my case - it made all the difference.....

I Keep reading that everyone wants the year to end - but for me, it was a very decent year.... A LOT of great things happened.... Love, trust, relationships, adventure, new cities, friends, great photos. I am looking forward to 2010, but if it could stay 2009 for a few more months, it would be fine by me...

My New Years Resolution is to Volunteer! I want to get more involved with the community - I have the time for it - I want to put it to use!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caution Tape:

Caution tape everywhere! He puts down his camera. The photographer starts unwinding yards and yards of caution tape from my body. He giggles. I look at him. He giggles again. Suddenly, into the air he leaps, clumsy, mid-stride dancing. He tosses the tape - Yellow streamers explode from this arms - They cover the floor, catch the ceiling fan, they color the couch. He yells wildly, "Look London! Look! I am throwing caution to the wind! Get it!?"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dc tomorrow - NYC next week

Remember that hellish trip that I took to NYC last year? - I packed too much, surfed a new couch every night, wandered around Manhattan with two suitcases, all by myself, freezing, modeling from 10am-Midnight every night. Yea. That one. The one where I broke down half way through my trip, cancelled all my shoots, bought a train ticket out of the city, and told myself I would never model again....

Breakdowns suck. I do not want to have another one - so here I sit in Austin, trying to plan out, exactly how I can pack for NYC. No more suitcases! I cannot drag another suitcase through the piss and grime in the NY subway. Thought maybe a duffle bag would work but looking at it - how in the hell am I going to pack all my fun wardrobe into that tiny little bag?

Shooting with a killer line-up of photographers on this trip: Persicolor, Ransom, Sanders McNew, and maybe even the well published Richard Kern.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How is the weather!?

It snowed yesterday in Austin. It was beautiful. The sun was shining brightly through the trees in the backyard - the snow was falling softly on the grass. My roommate, John, grabbed his acoustic guitar and started walking around the front yard singing "Walking in Winter Wonder Land".... the snow lasted only ten minutes, but it was magical....

What is not magical, is that it is 19 degrees in Austin this morning and our heat is not working - Freezing! We are wandering around the house in winter hats, boots, an sweatshirts.... I am camped out underneath a heating pad right now....

What is happening - Is an iceage taking place right now? Is 2012 upon us already?...

*hiding under my heating pad, storm-watching for impending glaciers*

Photos: Matthew in Tully. Nov 2008

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in ATX

Last night, our foursquare of roomates, all sat down and had a five minute discussion called: "Thanksgiving .... What does it mean! How shall we celebrate?" The four of us decided that 'Thanksgiving is best spent with all the Old-people-you-love' and without all those Old-people you love, cooking an ten pound turkey is a waste-of-time-and-effort. So Patrick, the roommates, and I are skipping out on the giant bird this year and instead, cooking a bunch of random Turkey related products: Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage, maybe Turkey Sandwiches in the evening-time. Hash-browns instead of mashed potatoes. Scrambled eggs instead of Deviled Eggs. Thanksgiving Breakfast! Whooo! Maybe I will even spoil myself with some of that delicious Pumpkin Pie Yogurt (which Titiania mentioned is now being sold at WholeFoodsMarket, mmm)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tweet-Up Austin

In reality, I make friends incredibly easy - I exude all the personality traits that a friendly person should. I smile. I listen. I care. I make eye contact. I make incredibly lame jokes. Q: Why couldn't the bicycle move? - A: Because it was 'too tired'.... or Q: How much should a polar bear weigh? - A: Enough to break the ice.... (oh they are cliche and horrible)

But it is hard making friends in a city when you rarely leave the house except to workout or eat food - Signed up for volunteer work for PetsAliveAustin, but the orientation is not until tomorrow afternoon - Looked into Meals on Wheels but not enough to dedicate myself to it - I am looking into: reading circles, yoga classes, knitting classes, pole dancing classes, pottery - Also, I keep searching for a part-time job that allows me to create my own schedule (but *that* is proving to be completely impossible. I either have to quit modeling or find something to keep me occupied while Pat works his nine hour days)

Anyways - the other day, while perusing Twitter - I discovered a Tweet-up a few miles from my house! 100+ Austin-ites, uniting together through the Internet tubes, to drink beer and celebrate life! Whoo! Twitter, Twat, Twit-tastic! - Ha. Twitter Party Definition: Where everyone in the room must have conversations under 140 characters in length!

Invited Patrick and the roommates to attend the Tweet-up but they claimed it was going to be a geek-fest. "Come on, the only kind of people that attend things like that are the people who do not have friends.....They only leave their houses to workout and eat food" Selling point! Count me in! Ecstatic that I attended! Met so many wonderful local people from the twitter scene - a solar energy technician, an author, a lovely girl who works at the TV station, a few people who work at UT, a guy who lives completely off raw food, even a journalist who writes about plus-sized modeling attended - While I suck at names, I had a blast. Highly recommend that you check out your local get-togethers. Get out of your house, make some new friends, break into a new scene, promote yourself - Even snagged the name of a really talented editor here in Austin that might be able to help me approach writing a book. Life is good.

Photo Credit: Lee Saxon - New Orleans, Aug 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things to keep in mind

"A lot of the time, we are so focused on the things we want to fix, change and improve that it is a distraction from what we are really here to do. If we look closely, this eats up valuable time and energy that we can never get back. Let this be our focus. The task at hand, for each individual, is to focus - inward not outward. Connecting with our Self, our Light, and make the spiritual journey to freedom. We must reverse every thought, emotion, attitude and belief that traps us. We must purify our thoughts, forgive everything, care about everyone, have a good attitude and choose actions motivated by love. Warm, caring, compassionate, forgiving, friendly - this is what we want to be around. This is what we should become.”

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Perrydactyl, the kitty that I adopted from Meth-Motel in Dayton Ohio, turned out to be a girl kitty (and is now stuck with the name Perrydactyl for the rest of her life) - She is pretty awesome. Just had her spayed a few weeks ago and she has been adventuring around the front yard - thought I would update with some photos - mostly because she is just so cute and all....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'Ask any question' - Day!

Keep me entertained. I figure that while I sit here, watching boring FinalCutPro tutorials all day - perhaps today can be a day of questions! : ) Ask me anything and I shall answer.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking the month off

Patrick got a job while I was in the UK! He started on Thursday, working full-time for a itty-bitty local distribution company Downtown. Seems to really like it - great hours (9-6), good people, small company, dress down everyday, twice the pay he was making in Cleveland (he loved his job but was only making $7.50 in Ohio)

With that said, for the first time in two years, Patrick is going to have a little extra money in his account and he is covering my rent for this month! Yay! This means I can finally join a gym, get a library card, check out some of the local parks, visit all the wi-fi cafes, find a bookshelf, go thrifty shopping, get to know Austin, hang out with my kitty! Also, I am working through all the custom photo-sets and video-sets that people ordered last month... Finished five of the photo-sets (still not to late to order one), but as for video, I am still watching tutorials for FinalCutPro - I want to learn how to edit video on my Mac before I start turning out videos - give me a week.

Monday, November 9, 2009

E_String, Danny - London, UK

When the 'photographer' FINALLY dropped me off at Erin's place -twas a breath of fresh air in a hot, stuffy, uncomfortable situation - Could care less if she was actually home or not. At that point, I would have gladly curled up on her front steps... in the freezing rain all night...

I was elated to discover that Danny was actually home, though. Never met Danny or Erin before - only heard about them through the modeling grapevine. Erin grew up in Minnesota and modeled all over the US (you can check out her portfolio here.) She met Danny in NYC, married him in California, and moved to the UK to be closer to his family. She is a fantastic model/now-photographer as well and he also incredibly talented with a camera. Since Erin worked with a bunch of people in the industry that I consider close-friends, as soon as I found out that I was headed to the UK, she was the first person that I contacted - Good people tend to attract other good people......

SO happy that I wrote her! First time, since arriving in the UK, that I felt like I belonged somewhere. Erin gave me my own bedroom and took some time off to go sightseeing with me. While I was with the 'photographer' - I had the chance to see some of Kent, the White Cliffs of Dover, The Battle of Britain Museum, the changing of the guard, and Buckingham Palace. Erin, Danny and I stayed closer to home and hit up Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, Salvages (a fancy fashion-mall full of Runway clothing). Watched movies, ate lots of take-out food, cooked marshmallows in the fireplace, cuddled up with her kitties. Danny brought me tea in bed every day (bless that man!) - Erin made hot ham and cheese sammiches... : ) Both her and Danny took a day to shoot some photos of me. Had a chance to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on Nov 5th at the Crystal Palace - celebrating treason against Parliament!

In the end, the best time spent in London, UK - was spent shooting with Erin and her Rolliflex - Wait till you see the photos, they are going to be terribly amusing. I title them "Went to London and all I came home with was this lousy dildo..." Hehe - Make use of your props, kids! Make use of them!

Photo Credit: Ed Stringborne Nov 2009 and I did my own makeup! *proud*

Mixed Feelings - London, UK

Been trying to write this blog about London, UK for most of the weekend - Not sure what to say - I did not really have a great time, kind of wish I never went. If you read this blog often, I am sure you have noted that I am a bit too trusting at times. This is a quality that I both despise and cherish. While I do put myself in situations that are uncomfortable... usually, I can stumble through them gracefully. I test myself with them, learn from them - It helps me to understand who I am better - I do take more chances than I probably should and yes, it will probably get me killed someday but I refuse to spend my life living in a world where I need to worry all the time - Most people are good people, if I approached life thinking otherwise - I would not be who I am.

The day that I flew into London, one of blog readers from Becker's blog, picked me up at the airport! He took me out sightseeing and even hired me for the evening. Was his first time shooting a nude model (love working with amateur photographers who are serious about their work). Had a great time, he was sincere and fantastic to work with. Booked me a trendy hotel in downtown Soho, took me out exploring the city - And even though it was "just a bridge," he gave into my pleas to explore the famous Harry Potter Millennium bridge - Saw London bridge, London eye from a distance, grabbed some Bitters at a great little pub on the Thames (pronounced Tims in Britain), ate in China Town, wandered around Piccadilly Circus - You should actually thank him, because I did not take a single touristy photo while I in the UK, these are all his.....

The guy who booked my trip to London picked me up on Friday - I do not want to seem unthankful because I am thankful for the trip - but I spent most of my weekend in constant fear that my plane ticket home would get canceled - Agreed to playboy styled nudes - walked into a situation with strap-on-dildos, a naked photographer in the woods, and a stripped male-model getting caned on the floor... Since I signed a contract saying that I would work with this 'photographer' four hours every day from Friday-Monday evening. Spent most of my freetime sleeping in until Noon, drinking myself into a near coma at the local pubs or reading my books, trying to submerge myself into any other world other than the one I was in. The 'p
hotographer' had a print-out of my limitations, and yet, I found myself being pushed again and again - Acting out perverse fantasies. Either it was total lack of communication on his part or he just enjoyed putting me in an uncomfortable situation...

There was no sex, but it was close - And I felt used and pushed. More than that - I was ANGRY! By Monday, I shut-down completely, barely spoke at the shoot, fell into Sub-Space, kept checking my phone, hoping 6pm would come sooner than it could - I am almost 100% sure that he would have been vindictive enough to cancel my ticket home if I did not follow through with working with him. If I learned anything on this trip, it is that I will absolutely NEVER let a photographer buy my ticket to another country EVER again in my LIFE! Ever. I was on edge every-second I was there - I was terrified.... fucking.... sucks.... balls....

I would love to go into detail about the weekend (it really would make the best blog entry EVER!) - but I am not going to get into it since said 'photographer' reads my blog and he already told me that I should not talk about personal details. I am more than sure that I will get a scathing email just for writing this blog entry - so enjoy it - it might not last long.

Facebook Page

You can now add me on Facebook:
London Andrews

No longer using the clutter-fuck-that-is-myspace. If you need to contact me, these are the sites I frequent often: Blogspot, modelmayhem, twitter, gmail, and facebook (I prefer Mayhem and Gmail for work related emails, though) - Juggling photographers, highschool friends, cousins, fans, naked models doing promo on facebook was both difficult and risky using my real name. Feel free to add the London Facebook page, though - seems that someone even started a fan-page!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leaving for London UK

Today is the day - passport in hand, headed to the airport in a couple of hours, destination "London" - Excited, nervous, good mix of a bunch of emotions.... everything seems back on track. Lets hope this all works out!

Patrick, best boyfriend ever, is driving three hours to get me to DFW - One of the most insane airports ever. American Airlines - I will be getting into London at 10:30am tomorrow. My photographer for Thursday, is meeting me outside of baggage - I am relying on a lot of things to just 'happen' - hope they do.

*crosses fingers*

Lurch to the Capitol

Attended "Lurch to the Capitol" - The zombie protest march for equal rights. Three hundred zombies, with oozing flesh wounds, descended upon the state Capitol on Sunday. "We eat brains! But how does that give people the right to swing their bats in ours faces or shoot us up with their shotguns!? We are all citizens of the United States (or used to be) and should be treated with the same respect that you give your neighbor." Zombies picketed. Signs scrawled in bloody letters, read, "Give me rights or I will eat your brains!" "Perhaps, someday, when you die, you will care too." "Michael Jackson lives!" Small children, little tote dogs, a zombie with an undead baby hanging out her stomach - dead people everywhere.

After the protest, all the zombies who were of-age, were led to a local bar here in Austin called Club De Ville, which threw a free kegger for all bloody dancing zombies! Swaying to the hypnotic beats of Thriller, downing Fireman's Ale - enjoying the company of both the living and the undead - all things, finally, seemed to be right in the world.

....Well - until the zombies got drunk and ate the bartenders...

But.... that is another story....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting ready for London, UK!

Been in Austin for about a week and a half now - Pat and my roomies have the munchies and keep eating all the chocolate-chip cookies I picked up at Herbet E. Butt's grocery store this morning.... It's cool - Haven't smoked in years. Always end up lethargic, snoring in the corner.... Instead, I sit..... enjoying my state's LoneStar beer, working on Pat's Halloween costume. Ha. Drinking for a cause! Patrick is building a full suit of armor created from LoneStar beer cans (Origin, you ask? Red Fang on youtube - 'Prehistoric Dog' - Check it out).... Crafty idea for a Halloween costume....

GOING TO BE IN LONDON, UK for Halloween this year (do they celebrate the freedom of slutty costumes in the UK?!) A photographer bought me a ticket to fly to to London UK in two weeks to shoot with him! *excited*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Austin?

Whenever I mention to people that I have always wanted to live in Austin Texas - They usually screw up their face like they smell poop in the conversation, "Eww Reallllly? Texas? Why would anyone want to move to TEXAS?" ....... I have gotten used to how they spit the word out of their mouths. "Texas"- Wishing it was a physical form they could step on, kick and abuse.... It is ok. People either know about Austin TX or they do not... it is ok....

Austin is like the oasis of Texas - It's own Republic - A little blue city in the midst of a giant red state. Voted #1 place to live in Money Magazine 2006, and #3 in 2009. Also voted the Greenest City in America by MSN. This place has it's own culture, it's own style, it's own niche' - Everyone looks like someone you would like to know. Huge Burning Man community is located down here (Burning Flipside is next month) and they DO keep Austin Weird - today, all the people who did not get into Austin City Limits, can attend a Zombie Concert down the road for free.... zombies and beer! Bikes bikes and more bikes - Austin loves to bike, Austin City Limits only proves that..... In fact, Lance Armstrong, who owns a bike shop here in Austin, is out riding around town today with anyone who would like to join him.... Voted #1 college town by the Travel Channel, Austin's slogan is 'The Live Music Capital of the World' - Austin has more music venues per capita than any other U.S. city (for Pat and I, that is a huge seller - we are live music junkies - Beauty Bar seems to have a bunch of fun shows) Music festivals of the year involve: SouthXSouthWest and Austin City Limits. They have a Record Store down here called WaterLoo that still has in-store shows and they hand out beer! Tons of hiking, biking, yoga classes all over town - Average age is 28 years old. Average sunshine is 300 days a year....

Yea - this city pretty much rules all other cities. Lakes, rivers, hills, beautiful people, fun things to do every-single-day/night.... This city is happiness.

Photos: Austin Skyline, Hill Country just outside the city, SXSW on 6th Street downtown Austin, Barton Springs

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New home - Austin!

Traveled down to San Antonio to stay with my buddy, Tim Summa. Tim has always been a good friend of mine. He first wrote me in 2005, when I was traveling with Matthew. Offered us a free place to crash, keys to his house, keys to his car, full use of his studio, all the equipment I could possibly ask for, a workshop where I would make money without leaving his house. At first, it put me on edge a bit, kept thinking to myself, "Sounds too good to be true.... this guy probably watches Silence of the Lambs on repeat. Probably raises Moths in his basement. When I get there he is going to steal my makeup, snatch my heels, dance around his bedroom naked...." Ha. But get this. Tim is really really really nice person.... among many things (...mostly, I find him fascinating) - he sincere, honest, incredibly welcoming to all his guests....

When I told Tim that I was moving down to TX, he immediately offered up his spare bedroom within seconds, "Be it three weeks or three months - you guys both have a free place to stay as long as you need it."

Ha - I will not take any credit for finding the apartment! Sounds silly and ridiculous - You will probably think that I am overreacting - but for me, the idea of finding a residence to live in is a completely terrifying concept (terrifying). Living in one place, seeing the same people, doing the same things over and over again - knots my stomach into dry heaves. When I explained this to Patrick, who had just traveled the US with me for two months, he understood where I was coming from. Pat took initiative and starting researching Austin himself, immersing himself in craigslist ads for hours, occasionally reading ads outloud to see if I would be interested....

Arrived in San Antonio Tuesday - by Friday Pat had set up four walk-throughs - by Sunday, we had an apartment!

Never apartment hunted before - very exciting! Knew that I would not be able to settle for
anything less than what I pictured - Nice, clean house (not apartment complex) with a lot of natural light, under $600 in rent. An apartment that would allow pets (but did not have pets) - - cool roommates that would not mind if people crashed in the livingroom now and then - It also had to be less than 5 miles from downtown.

Moved all our stuff in yesterday! Paid our first month's rent ($450 total) - Pat has been interviewing for 'real' jobs all week - manager positions, insurance desk jobs - I am looking for a part-time bartending position - that way I can still travel a couple days a week, but I will be forced to stay home in Austin and meet some local people.... I want Austin to be home. I really do.

Photo Credit: Emmett! Shot yesterday at a super seedy fun Motel in San Antonio!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Arizona to Texas, I always considered the interstate to be the best bet - straight, fast, lots of lanes to pretend I am driving a roadster - Will say that I was incredibly elated, though, to find out that you can cut through Alamogordo NM, into the Guadalupe Mountains Range. Same mileage, the sluggish speed limit adds about an hour and a half to the trip - but worth it. Felt like I was back in Colorado! The higher altitude makes everything so green. Towering trees - deer - cute little cottages, in the middle of nowhere.... Screw Interstate 10 - from now on I planning on driving through the mountains range.....

Stopped at a little pet-friendly motel in Carlsbad for the night. Nine hours on the road, Perry was pretty excited to finally get out of her cage. She was jumping all over the windows, climbing in the tub, running over the table.... finally she climbed up in the cubbyhole next to our bed, stuck her paws over the side, and passed out.... ha... love that cat.

Carlsbad Caverns is fantastic. One of my favorite National Parks... created by an inland sea that dried up - The caverns were carved by sulfuric acid which was created by the combination of oxygen in water with hydrogen sulfide gas from the oil deposits far below the surface. As the mountains rose, the water table dropped, dissolving the limestone and leaving behind immense underground chambers. The 'Big Room' at Carlsbad is large enough to hold six football fields. Pat and I hiked in 750 feet below the earth's surface - still amazes me when I think about it.

Later that evening, Pat and I returned to the cave to watch the Mexican freetails bat fly - something that I have never had the chance to experience.... The audience is so silent during the bat-flight - was really beautiful.