Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lurch to the Capitol

Attended "Lurch to the Capitol" - The zombie protest march for equal rights. Three hundred zombies, with oozing flesh wounds, descended upon the state Capitol on Sunday. "We eat brains! But how does that give people the right to swing their bats in ours faces or shoot us up with their shotguns!? We are all citizens of the United States (or used to be) and should be treated with the same respect that you give your neighbor." Zombies picketed. Signs scrawled in bloody letters, read, "Give me rights or I will eat your brains!" "Perhaps, someday, when you die, you will care too." "Michael Jackson lives!" Small children, little tote dogs, a zombie with an undead baby hanging out her stomach - dead people everywhere.

After the protest, all the zombies who were of-age, were led to a local bar here in Austin called Club De Ville, which threw a free kegger for all bloody dancing zombies! Swaying to the hypnotic beats of Thriller, downing Fireman's Ale - enjoying the company of both the living and the undead - all things, finally, seemed to be right in the world.

....Well - until the zombies got drunk and ate the bartenders...

But.... that is another story....

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