Thursday, October 1, 2009

New home - Austin!

Traveled down to San Antonio to stay with my buddy, Tim Summa. Tim has always been a good friend of mine. He first wrote me in 2005, when I was traveling with Matthew. Offered us a free place to crash, keys to his house, keys to his car, full use of his studio, all the equipment I could possibly ask for, a workshop where I would make money without leaving his house. At first, it put me on edge a bit, kept thinking to myself, "Sounds too good to be true.... this guy probably watches Silence of the Lambs on repeat. Probably raises Moths in his basement. When I get there he is going to steal my makeup, snatch my heels, dance around his bedroom naked...." Ha. But get this. Tim is really really really nice person.... among many things (...mostly, I find him fascinating) - he sincere, honest, incredibly welcoming to all his guests....

When I told Tim that I was moving down to TX, he immediately offered up his spare bedroom within seconds, "Be it three weeks or three months - you guys both have a free place to stay as long as you need it."

Ha - I will not take any credit for finding the apartment! Sounds silly and ridiculous - You will probably think that I am overreacting - but for me, the idea of finding a residence to live in is a completely terrifying concept (terrifying). Living in one place, seeing the same people, doing the same things over and over again - knots my stomach into dry heaves. When I explained this to Patrick, who had just traveled the US with me for two months, he understood where I was coming from. Pat took initiative and starting researching Austin himself, immersing himself in craigslist ads for hours, occasionally reading ads outloud to see if I would be interested....

Arrived in San Antonio Tuesday - by Friday Pat had set up four walk-throughs - by Sunday, we had an apartment!

Never apartment hunted before - very exciting! Knew that I would not be able to settle for
anything less than what I pictured - Nice, clean house (not apartment complex) with a lot of natural light, under $600 in rent. An apartment that would allow pets (but did not have pets) - - cool roommates that would not mind if people crashed in the livingroom now and then - It also had to be less than 5 miles from downtown.

Moved all our stuff in yesterday! Paid our first month's rent ($450 total) - Pat has been interviewing for 'real' jobs all week - manager positions, insurance desk jobs - I am looking for a part-time bartending position - that way I can still travel a couple days a week, but I will be forced to stay home in Austin and meet some local people.... I want Austin to be home. I really do.

Photo Credit: Emmett! Shot yesterday at a super seedy fun Motel in San Antonio!


Tim said...

London is so weird...I did not have the heart to tell her yet...Perry and Shadow are engaged! Yep! Shadow will be off to the vet Monday to make him a castrato because he sings with such a sweet voice, we can not deny the world the soft utterances of his chortling.

But with all great art there comes a price, the Shadow of Buda will not be realy upset, imagine all the human females he will woo with his dribbling chortles! For get it there yous guys, only the women will fully grasp the beauty of a sleek black, soft as baby’s breath, fur staring up at them with Jack-O-lantern orange pumpkin colored eyes, while uttering a sound more sweet that the murmur of a whale, five miles deep in the ocean, washes over them.

While all of this courtship has been underway, London has been hold up tearing into the latest old novel, brainy women are ever so sexy aren’t they? I for my part have been moving at a fevered pitch cleaning the big studio. Puttering about with hundreds of Zip Lock Plastic Bags, one item per, but filling box after box of plain Jane items mixed in with the vary naughtiest things that a boy could have to play with, when planning to dress up ‘Barbie’!

Silks and lace, cami tops and silly nothings of ‘T’ backs. Gloves of every description and stockings matching heels of different elevation…SHADES of Sir Elmer Batters! Yes, the corsets, especially the ones that have no real purpose but to watch and make images of beauties like London wiggling, gyrating and swimming in and out for the shear fun of the voyeur in steroid state. Boys and cameras!

London and Pat will need to make many a trip to the studio just to give the two star crossed kitties their nuptial delights. London has not herd but Shadow travels nicely in the lap with out argument. He likes to hope into a car for a jaunt here and there, no need for ‘cat housing’ the little dandy!

London Andrews said...

Hahaha.... I did forget to mention that Tim has a new apartment companion, Shadow the Yard Cat - who is completely smitten by Perry..... ha. In return for having this fantastic place to sleep every night, I am going to go take Shadow the Vet and get his balls chopped off either Monday or Tuesday this week.... there is a great organization down here called SNAP - and the spay and neuter kitties super cheap....

Bought my new book in the Auel series today at HalfPriceBooks!..... 'The Mammoth Hunters'. Never have I learned so much information following the ice-age.... totally absorbed with these novels.

Kitty is in heat... she is driving me nuts... I never sleep.... I am going to have her fixed at the end of this month once she gets used to the new apartment.... too much stress, and I think she might break.....

Sleep sleep sleep

PD said...

Now, that's a helluva friend. Just being able to get on your feet had to be a tremendous help. Sounds like you found what you were looking for. Hope the new roommates work out as well. All the best. Hope Perry finally cools off & lets you sleep.

Oh, by the way: Being in Texas now, you buy a cowboy hat yet?


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