Monday, December 7, 2009

Dc tomorrow - NYC next week

Remember that hellish trip that I took to NYC last year? - I packed too much, surfed a new couch every night, wandered around Manhattan with two suitcases, all by myself, freezing, modeling from 10am-Midnight every night. Yea. That one. The one where I broke down half way through my trip, cancelled all my shoots, bought a train ticket out of the city, and told myself I would never model again....

Breakdowns suck. I do not want to have another one - so here I sit in Austin, trying to plan out, exactly how I can pack for NYC. No more suitcases! I cannot drag another suitcase through the piss and grime in the NY subway. Thought maybe a duffle bag would work but looking at it - how in the hell am I going to pack all my fun wardrobe into that tiny little bag?

Shooting with a killer line-up of photographers on this trip: Persicolor, Ransom, Sanders McNew, and maybe even the well published Richard Kern.

Leave for DC tomorrow morning - On the 16th, I catch the Bolt Bus to NYC. Matt gets into NYC on the 18th and we are partying it up and visiting old haunts (and new ones as well) - Pat flies into
NYC on the 23rd to visit his family - I wrap up all my jobs and head out to Long Island to celebrate the Holidays with him. Pat flies back to Austin on the 27th. I fly out to Syracuse on the 28th (which is where most of my family is located) and I fly back to Austin on January 8th.... *whew!*

Photos: Antar H 2009


wasdf5 said...

Hi London! If you get stranded somehow in DC, email me at I don't want you to get stranded or have a bad time like last year's trip to NYC!


PD said...

These Antar shots are great!

Busy, busy, busy.
You've got a jumbo backpack lying around there someplace? That's the only thing I can thing of. Carrying it on your back than in your hands might be easier.
Don't work to hard & enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about shipping your stuff there and back? It might be worth the effort to UPS yourself a box or two to the studio. Then after the shoot send it back. I am not sure of the cost but it might beat hauling the stuff around. Just a thought -- hope it helps.
btw - love the blog I do enjoy checking it out from time to time.
Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love those Antar pics. You are the nerd girl of my dreams. Hope the flight to DC wasn't too hectic. Nice to know you'll be in my neck of the woods in NYC soon (with a much more positive result). Have fun and bring back many pleasant memories!

PoCrizzle said...

if you ever come through Philadelphia i would be interested in doing an interview w/you...that is if you'd be interested/willing...

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see you while you were in syracuse, I go to school here... seeing you in person is like my dream.