Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in ATX

Last night, our foursquare of roomates, all sat down and had a five minute discussion called: "Thanksgiving .... What does it mean! How shall we celebrate?" The four of us decided that 'Thanksgiving is best spent with all the Old-people-you-love' and without all those Old-people you love, cooking an ten pound turkey is a waste-of-time-and-effort. So Patrick, the roommates, and I are skipping out on the giant bird this year and instead, cooking a bunch of random Turkey related products: Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage, maybe Turkey Sandwiches in the evening-time. Hash-browns instead of mashed potatoes. Scrambled eggs instead of Deviled Eggs. Thanksgiving Breakfast! Whooo! Maybe I will even spoil myself with some of that delicious Pumpkin Pie Yogurt (which Titiania mentioned is now being sold at WholeFoodsMarket, mmm)


gibsonvt said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Give us a shout while you are in the area working maybe we can get together.

PD said...

Happy Thanksgiving London! As long as one is smiling on this holiday, that's all that matters. You & the Texas Family enjoy.
That Muppet that played the drums, his name was Animal.

Anonymous said...

Happy turkey breakfast day to you all! Nice new photos BTW. Are these from your friend in the UK?

Anonymous said...


I am so tired.

55 people eat a lot of food, but I love seeing them all in my house, even if it doesn't happen very often.

All the best,


Mikey said...

I'll never understand Americans and their holidays. Aren't holidays meant to involve LESS work? lol

Anyway, you have a good one, London. :)