Monday, November 9, 2009

E_String, Danny - London, UK

When the 'photographer' FINALLY dropped me off at Erin's place -twas a breath of fresh air in a hot, stuffy, uncomfortable situation - Could care less if she was actually home or not. At that point, I would have gladly curled up on her front steps... in the freezing rain all night...

I was elated to discover that Danny was actually home, though. Never met Danny or Erin before - only heard about them through the modeling grapevine. Erin grew up in Minnesota and modeled all over the US (you can check out her portfolio here.) She met Danny in NYC, married him in California, and moved to the UK to be closer to his family. She is a fantastic model/now-photographer as well and he also incredibly talented with a camera. Since Erin worked with a bunch of people in the industry that I consider close-friends, as soon as I found out that I was headed to the UK, she was the first person that I contacted - Good people tend to attract other good people......

SO happy that I wrote her! First time, since arriving in the UK, that I felt like I belonged somewhere. Erin gave me my own bedroom and took some time off to go sightseeing with me. While I was with the 'photographer' - I had the chance to see some of Kent, the White Cliffs of Dover, The Battle of Britain Museum, the changing of the guard, and Buckingham Palace. Erin, Danny and I stayed closer to home and hit up Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, Salvages (a fancy fashion-mall full of Runway clothing). Watched movies, ate lots of take-out food, cooked marshmallows in the fireplace, cuddled up with her kitties. Danny brought me tea in bed every day (bless that man!) - Erin made hot ham and cheese sammiches... : ) Both her and Danny took a day to shoot some photos of me. Had a chance to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on Nov 5th at the Crystal Palace - celebrating treason against Parliament!

In the end, the best time spent in London, UK - was spent shooting with Erin and her Rolliflex - Wait till you see the photos, they are going to be terribly amusing. I title them "Went to London and all I came home with was this lousy dildo..." Hehe - Make use of your props, kids! Make use of them!

Photo Credit: Ed Stringborne Nov 2009 and I did my own makeup! *proud*


PD said...

Now, that's better! Thank God for friends. In this case, friends of friends. Sounds like you fitted right in with Danny & Erin. Sweet. As bad as the last blog was is a good as this blog is.
You did find a great silver lining. Two of them.
Like the Pics. Especially the top one. You have a "English" look to you. I'd hope so for being there a week! HA!

Anonymous said...

I know you didn't post my prior pre-trip entry because it was too negative. It invited bad karma and you were trying to ward it off. I will admit that I am a worry-wart. Feel free not to post this one either.

I will admit I was very worried. I watched that one movie 'Taken' and ever since then, I am hyper-sensitive about the idea of foreign travel and if my teenager ever does it, I'm sure I'll be all over her not to share cabs, take drinks from strangers, etc.

I'm glad you're okay, and like I tell my (younger) kids when they do badly in a game 'just shake it off' and by shake, we literally shake our shoulders and jiggle our fannies, and then we 'move on.'

Pisses me off that my screaming red flags and instincts proved right, but I'm glad that your street smarts and friend-contacts got you through!! Whoo!!!

You and Perry have alot in common - always land on your feet. :-)

Welcome back...

And feel free not to post this response. :-) I'll understand!

Ah, fall. Enjoy!


London Andrews said...

Not just yours, cute stuff - I deleted ALL of the comments that were negative or against traveling overseas (and truthfully, under most circumstances, I don't moderate the blog much).... I did not delete those comments because I was being hardheaded or trying to dismiss the ideas of a negative trip - I did read all the advice and concerns.... I just did not want to approach the trip with so many people thinking that things could go wrong....

I feel that if you go into something expecting it to end horribly, chances are that it will....

Ha - Patrick was like you. : ) "If you get sold into the sex-slave industry - I am going to be pissed..."

It is good to be home. That much I am very happy about.

Jon c said...

Glad that you made it home safe although I am sorry the trip you were looking forward to so much didn't go exactly to plan. Truth be told I try to avoid the capital as it drives me nuts.

I'd be grumpy if I didn't have your blog to read :)