Thursday, November 12, 2009


Perrydactyl, the kitty that I adopted from Meth-Motel in Dayton Ohio, turned out to be a girl kitty (and is now stuck with the name Perrydactyl for the rest of her life) - She is pretty awesome. Just had her spayed a few weeks ago and she has been adventuring around the front yard - thought I would update with some photos - mostly because she is just so cute and all....


Mike said...

Awww that is cute.

Where did the name Perrydactyl come from?

Anonymous said...

She has very expressive eyes!! You can tell that she is a very happy cat!!!

Kind of a question, but what album would you recommend from Neko Case? I am a headbanger by nature, but her music is just awesome. She has an incredible voice!!

P.S. In regards to an answer you gave yesterday, there is nothing worse than brocoli farts. I feel nauseous just thinking about that!!

London Andrews said...

Seriously? I have no idea where the name Perrydactyl came from..... Pat came up with it. We were joking around one day and he said that he wanted to get a pet and name it Perrydactyl. I told him he could get a fish and give it that horrible name..... but then I found my little stray kitten and I wanted my dog-loving boyfriend to like it - so I named it Perrydactyl and asked if we could keep her.... ha. : )

All Neko Case is fantastic - but she can take some time to get used to.. especially if you don't like country music (a lot of her older stuff has some twang to it).... I would start out on her new album "Middle Cyclone" - a few songs off of that album are being played on the radio down here... it is just user friendly. Listen to the words and listen to the whole cd twice and you will be hooked - she is a true artist... in the literary sense, in the emotional sense, in that honest - fucking-awesome-killer voice sense... Oh I love that woman. Just bought tickets to her Austin show on the 24th... : ) Whooooo!

And yes, broccoli farts are the WORST! hehehe

Anonymous said...

I had thought about getting her new cd, which you mentioned. The song People Got A Lot of Nerve is great. If you like rock and roll type of stuff (not that heavy), you should check out The New Pornographers (I recommend Electric Version - great song called "The Laws Have Changed"). She does lead vocals with them as well. Here in Canada, there is a movie called "Fubar" (fucking classic!!), and The New Pornographers do a cover of "Your Daddy Don't Know" by a band called Toronto!! Awesome!!!

London Andrews said...

You know, I really tried to get into the New Pornographers - but listening to her sing-back up always makes me sad. Ha. Maybe I should just download all the songs where she sings lead vocals.... : )

I am on a downloading music morning.... New music: Mason Jennings, Jolie Holland, new Langhorne Slim, and The National - can't wait to make some new cds for the car.

And for whoever asked, either it was on here or facebook or twitter or something - Yes, I still do drive the death trap.... : ) Believe me, you would know if I got rid of it - I would have dedication pages to the life of that little car posted EVERYWHERE. It is my friend.

vikingman said...

Cats are wonderful animals,

am dreaming of having a tamed lynx in my house as a pet and cuddle it and make it purr.

only that it is so strong and has almost 2 inch long claws, sharp as razorblades.

and is not a social hierarchic animal.

So nice to find You have a little more time to comment!

Anonymous said...

Cute kitty. I loved the story of how you rescued her from the meth hotel. She's lucky you found her.

PD said...

Nice shots. Cute lil'furball.