Friday, April 20, 2007

What is this road trip?

This roadtrip is for a few things, including (but is not limited to)....

  • #1 reason, Mom says Move Out: So I shall! Don't really want to get an apartment in Syracuse.... and I am done with working deadend, part time jobs that kill my soul - I want an adventure... this is the push that I needed..
  • #2 reason, Gonna-Be-A-Nude-Model!! In the last six months, modeling has become my sole source of income, my fulltime job. I want to persue it. Made a list of my dream photographers last night, hopefully I can check some off on this cross country trip.
    • # 3 reason, Seeing the US - I love to travel. When I was nineteen, I lived in Tanzania, Africa for a year. I also volunteered in Guatemala for awhile. And now, I just want to get down and dirty with the roads of America. Bring it on.
    There are other reasons.... but those are really the only three that count for anything.

    The rest would just be random bullshit about how I feel, how I need to prove things to myself, how staying in one place too long makes me grind my teeth, how I am homeless soon, how commitment scares me, and of course, traveling is always a great excuse for not wanting to go back to college just yet. : )

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    Connor said...

    If you are driving through Delaware, I would love to meet you in person and buy you a lunch. Don't worry, I am not a psycho :)