Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am camping in Yosemite,

...and how wrong is it, that they have internet in the woods?
Haha.... even worse, how wrong is it that
I am I using that internet in the woods.

So Matt and I bought half the gear that we need for Burning Man.
Gott the tent, the mattress, a lantern, and some other stuff.... it's great that camping gear can translate anywhere.
Headed into Yosemite this morning - and I was like, "Oooh look, lets camp"
So we grabbed some hot dogs, some marshmellows, goldfish crackers...... Struggled with the tent for awhile. Went and sifted for gold in the river.... Matt took off to go swim with the French students - and I headed back to camp to work on emails.... haha..... good luck with that. I am now writing a blog and sippin on a bottle of California wine
(given to me by such a gracious photographer in San Jose) - Life is just So good.

Backing up a bit - spent the last two days in San Fran. Matt both took these photos and edited them himself (with a shirt over his head, in the car, blocking out all the light) - so I'll post those here.... Although our stay was brief...... the city was magical - and it's easy to understand why all my east coast friends have relocated to the little city on the bay...... this is me at the palace of Fine Arts....


Brooks said...

I'm glad you guys are seeing some of California's beauty. Be safe. :-)

Craig said...

So you may or may not have enough time to do this but I wanted to suggest making your way out to Benton Hot Springs near Mono Lake, just east from Yosemite. It's in the middle of nowhere and there is something quite nice about that. Basically, it's a campsite with geo-thermally heated hot tubs, nothing else. Its also one of those things that in a million years you would not plan to be there and after you go you feel lucky to have stumbled upon it. I went a few years ago on a geology field trip and it was one of the coolest places on the earth that I have camped. The entire milky way can be seen from your hot tub.

Ohh, and I enjoy reading your blog. Its a fun read and I am always curious to see what happens next.


London Andrews said...

Hey craig, thanks for the note.... I'll see if we can get out that way later this evening. : ) It's always nice to have someone that knows a little bit about the place...

And Brooks, haha... it's all beautiful once you get out LA. Just kidding. Or am I, I don't know. ha

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Texas. Mr. Kitty has a new collar with his name and address and telephone number. He is way too cool.

I am looking at the 24x30 cibachrome image I took from the valley floor of Yosemite across the merced river with El Capitan, half dome and bridelvail falls in the background. You can no longer see half dome from that location; the trees have grown too tall.

Enjoy. I remember looking at the stars while lying on the valley floor at 3 a.m. May have seen a black bear . . . but then again, maybe I didn't.

Safe travels.

Randy Moore
Dallas, Texas

London Andrews said...

Hey Randy!!! You still win out on having the prettiest cat I've ever seen - I hope you take some photos of him with that camera of yours.

Yosemite was the best park we've been to - we went swimming in the river under half dome, it was amazing. We're pushing the redwoods trip back a bit and headed back to camp in two days.... yay!!

I'm hoping to see a mountain lion - not just a mountain - but alas, anything will do.. : )