Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's 9am. Just woke up...

... from a dream - See, I am driving my car and all of a sudden, there's this gigantic hill in front of me - I cannot see the top of it..... and it sucks, because I need to get to the otherside..... so I put my foot to the floor and pretend that it is a rollercoaster. "I'm not in my car, I'm on a rollercoaster," I say.....the car chuggs upward, everything is good, everything is awesome - Things change quickly though - from the new perspective I see the road is no longer slanting up..... No no no. It is going up and over my head.... like a big cement wave crashing upon itself.... The car is going too fast, I see everything too late, everything is so fucked - The car is going to flip over..... I am in slow motion, upside-down, I see cement..... and I wake up.....

....... just had that dream now.....
Years ago, that same dream was a nightly occurrence......
(The catalyst for my terribly pointless fear of hills)

Took awhile but eventually
I realized that the only time that dream
Is when I feel out of control of my life.
Used to be boyfriends, stupid jobs, my dad -
things like that would set it off.....

It is crazy what one-single-popped-tire
will do to your mindstate.... huh?

So the mustang popped it's first tire for the trip...
Matt and I were driving to my next shoot,
Got lost (as is the trend for LA these days)...
... pulled over in Santa Monica, parked the car,
asked some people for directions, got back in the car and..
*thump thump thump*
Matt and I look at eachother like....
I'm a girl - he's gay - we're fucked.

Luckily this homeless guy showed up and helped us
jack up the car, throw on the donut, and pumped
some air into the thing - coolest homeless guy ever.
Was telling us about how he travels the US
on that universal $300 greyhound ticket.... and
how he get medical marjauna because he was in a war...
He was totally and completely wonderful.

But talk about helpless.... if nobody came along,
Matt and I could have been stuck at that gas station all night.
Anyways, now I have to go find a tire place,
and then still make the next two shoots of the morning....
.... what a long pointless blog.
But stupid tire and stupid dream for freaking me out again.

We leave LA tomorrow morning, and it is very much needed.


Kevin B said...

Just found your blog from D Bryan Nelson. What a great time to find your blog, right on your road trip!
Good luck, sorry I just missed you. I live in San Diego... Good luck and good night!

Ian said...

Well, groovy. So you're cruising with a gay guy, hanging with the homeless. Somehow I feel your not really getting the hot sex you should be. Perhaps it's the company you, uh, keep??