Monday, August 13, 2007

It's poppin....(what's poppin?) It's poppin...

My lipgloss is cool.
My lipgloss is poppin
I'm standing at the locker and
all the boys keep stoppin....

We shouldn't admit to this, but that crazy-annoying-Lipgloss song by Lil Mama.... has become the theme song for this roadtrip. It doesn't matter what we do - it all comes back to poppin lipgloss... I'm telling you. We're poppin, you're poppin, it's poppin; we ain't frontin.

Burnt out. LA is burning us out big-time. Matt gets burnt out from all the lonely downtime and I get pretty worn down from all the up-time. We shoot from 10am-9pm on most days and everyone we work with is fucking amazing... just amazing. How many amazing people can you fit into a single week and still entertain? Not gonna lie - the photographer who cancelled this morning... it was so needed... So we're at Panera's and Matt is meditating (he got a jaywalking ticket earlier today and he needs to
listen to The Secret on his Ipod for awhile) and I am trying to catch up with work, which is proving itself nearly impossible at this point.

Shot a clothing line for Demongirlclothing the other day - I am going to send them a christmas card - they were all so cute. And Raven's Laughter rehabilitates wild birds - there is an actual live raven in his kitchen. Shooting at his place was madness, tellatubbie girls and makeup artistry, the guy has real talent and real passion, I love that... a salt water pool and Applebees. Turning around on route 14, cops going crazy on people... a loud policeman yelling "Great Idea you fucking Dumbass" into his speaker was pretty entertaining. Yesterday I was dressed up like an Aqua CareBear and the photographer was telling me to lick my nipples - and that was just weird. CareBears and Nipples - at least to me - don't mesh too well. Photoshoot ended early.... I was a little disturbed. A photographer I spoke to last night wrote me with this great piece of advice "just laugh at any photographers who are sexually frusterated and miserable. I'll bet they voted for Bush, the poor bastards." Cheerio - eh?



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Anonymous said...

Ha! the secret! (I'm hooked too baby, don't be ashamed ;)) Sendin' love vibes your way, let's all keep livin' the dream. The secret be poppin'!

Jess you are like a flower that never stops blooming.

This is Lesley but I am too lazy to make an account...oh I am on mm...bad pic's but I hope to play around a little...we'll see...The name is Lara Eve Capony