Wednesday, October 10, 2007

(Matthew's Post)

Don't read this blog unless you love boredom and naked dwarfs

Wow... holy shit photography that is all I can say! London is shooting all the time it is beyond madness. Her small but well deserved break in a few weeks is going to be well needed if you get a chance to work with her you are lucky. She is a really beautiful human being who believes in living her life to the fullest. She doesn't have time for drama or gossip though they will frustrate her for a few days weither she will admit it or not. She is a strong woman who respects respect. And she loves to see the spark of passion in people if a person is in love with their life she is drawn like a candle to the flame. She drives me mad but I love her, it is weird to have spent so much time with my original best friend. To think that in a few weeks we will be going are seperate ways is a relief .............and it is very sad. I am just glad there are a few weeks left, I am going to enjoy every minute.

I am not the best story teller so that is not what I am going to do. I love driving its like flying in an inbetween life that doesn't exist. We roll down the highway listening to top 40, dancing so hard is a miracle we stay on the road. Convertable top down car bouncing going 90 miles per hour the truckers honking their horns wishing, I am sure, they were having a J.lo dance party in there own '97 ford mustang. We turn top 40 into indie underground cool. "Its alright baby you aint gotta flaunt for me" that song comes on and it demands some serious sexy driving head bopping while you grind and hump your seat.

I love the east coast I love color changing leaves. It is crazy to think just a few weeks ago we were on highway one walking the ocean, poking star fish in the little mini aquariums. Life is ment to be like this every day it is supposed to be so beautiful that even on the worst of days you know you are free, and that everything is always going to be good.

Besides that we are going to be driving all over the damn place and that is rather exciting. I haven't been to canada since i was 8 years old "everyone loves marine land".....we are going to toronto that is amazing. I think I just enjoy this because its not real..... reality is so boring and this is nothing like any reality I ever met it is a good inspiration point just reminds you. Your life is only as creative as your brave enough to let it be, you don't even have to be brave you just have to listen to your own heart, your own soul, your own love. Remember to Remember. To borrow a good friends co-mantra. "Fight the good fight" its not a fight when you allow yourself to walk your own path that is the "good fight".

I tend to get sentimental and cheezy but I like being this way.

For all those who are here to read about London's sexy escapades she is naked right now......o shit you missed it shes putting on clothes we are going to an irish pub... I hope that is enough to satisfy until she decides to write a more interesting post...................................................................................matthew

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