Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aww--- Matt posted a blog

.... I love sleep and I miss sleep, let me tell you... I will have worked with over thirty photographers in the past week.... thirty!

Have you ever just screamed in your car? No particular reason.... just because? I love it! Between shoots, I scream in my car sometimes - great way to release stress - It is really amusing when people drive by and Matt and I have the windows down.... and we are yelling back and forth, really loud, about nothing particulat...  about something ridiculous like Fruit or Smurfs or Poop, haha... yelling about poop is fucking hilarious!

Do you see what lack did? It drove me to write a silly blog about screaming poop.... : )

Millions of stories from the last week - millions of really great beautiful photos, many which have been showcased ..... but how about some an out-take, eh? Shot with a great guy named Ted a few days ago in Chicago, at this amazing warehouse location. The place was an incredibly kickass backdrop... but as expected, veryvery dusty and grimey.... Matt had to keep me clean for the photos... candid is awesome...


The Cyklops Bunny said...

eye love you!!!!!!!!!!

brothertheo said...

Glad you had a good time here in Chi Town! I've been getting huge compliments on the photos I've finished so far from our shoot. You make me look like a much better photographer than I am :)

Heh, Matt looks like he's having such a good time keeping you sparkly clean - I couldn't resist shooting that scene, it was just too perfect. :)


Duff Man said...

Dear London: I found your blog through Candy's links, or D. Brian Nelson's (I forget), but I'm really glad I did. Really enjoyable stuff, both as eye candy, and narrative wise. You wouldn't believe how much people find one of my blogs (Duff Boy), by searching your name (London Andrews, London Andrews model). I hav e you on my links, BTW. Anyway, hope you get some sleep and keep as beautiful and cheerful as always.

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