Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bison vs Buffalo...

So Mom asks, "Is a Bison burger a Buffalo burger?"
.... I had no idea, so I googled it.....
The answer is this:
A Bison is not a Buffalo
(because buffaloes only live in Asia and Africa)
But - here in America we call our
Bison the American Buffalo....
(because we're lame and we wish we had Buffaloes...)
So basically if you eat a Bison Burger -
You are eating the American wanna-be version of a Buffalo.

OK... so I am done with the pointless rant.... : )

In the past three days we have put over twelve hundred miles on the mustang. That is approximately six to seven hours a day - Packed up from Portland, headed East to Spokane, West Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and eventually to Thermopolis? Not sure how we ended up here in Thermopolis, but almost hit a deer in front of our motel and the town we are staying in doesn't have a movie theatre - but they DO have creepy wax museum and a bar called the LooneyBin. Was completely sure that we going to be slaughtered by a bunch of creepy looney wax people last night.... it is just that kind of town.

Oh, I found Matt in Portland - if you did not already pick that up. He made lots of friends and stayed really busy while I was in NYC.

Yellowstone was amazing - Grand Tetons were 10 times better...... today we are headed North to Gillette, where
a nice photographer booked a room for us.... Figure we will stop at the local Hot Spring Bath-house on the way out of town.... heard it is a big historical must-see site.....

Last useless fact you might need to know:
A Continental Divide forms a border between two watersheds where water falling on one side of the line eventually travels to one ocean or body of water, and water on the other side travels to another ocean or body of water.... and Matt and I got to walk on it while we were in Yellowstone.

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