Friday, September 7, 2007

Whirlwind of a week....

First off, I have no idea how to start this entry - so much has happened since I wrote you last....

My life changed a lot at BurningMan
Matt's life changed a lot at BurningMan
I am going to be flying out to NYC this weekend
because I need some me-time
and my me-time can only be found in NY
Matt either has the choice to either stay here
in Portland at a local hostel for 10 days or
he can move back in with Teddy in NY......
.....I am not sure what he will be doing,
Of course, I am hoping he will stay on the roadtrip
but either way - Strange bunch of events, huh?

So BurningMan... Can you really say anything about a place that doesn't really exist? It is a city. Black Rock City (just put the sticker on my car). Imagine a city full of bars, with a post office, an internet cafe, a playground, a yoga school, a noodle shop, a dance school, a taco shop, a pancake house, an airport, a tea house, animal control, clubs, ninjas, couches, water slides, mutant vehicles......the place is insane. Everything is free - and everyone wants to help you - everyone respects everyone - and life is just full of art and hugs. I have never experienced anything like it before. With luck, hope, and an RV - perhaps I'll be able to attend next year, we'll see.

Matt got lost for two days, on a bike, in his underwear, in the desert (sounds like some kind of twiested nightmare, huh?) The people of BRC took care of him, gave him clothes, food, sunscreen, water, good stories, campfires - and eventually, through a computer system in center camp, we located eachother again. The man burnt early - they rebuilt the man, I talked to the guy who spent four months in the desert building art installations, we danced in a duststorm, and watched the sky burn with great friends ...... the week was madness - it's unable to be described - so lets just leave it at that.

Matt was so happy - he jumped on trampolines and ate tacos at the Boring Camp

Now we're in Portland. We did the Redwoods. We did the OR coast. We slept in a town where the Circle K was the place to be.... they rode horses to the Gas Station. It was awesome.

As for Portland, the photographer we're staying with, Jim, is lovely. He made us dinner and gave us our own little room with a deck! Which is where I am, typing this blog. It's pretty cold here, but I don't care, I love Portland. I want to live here someday.... the air is still fresh and the city is so full of music and life. This is such a great place to stay.......

So tonight's blog is going to end like this:
BurningMan changed a lot of things....
And it will be good to take some time off from the roadtrip
.... if only for awhile.


Brooks said...

I'm glad to see that you both made it out alive. :-) Poor Matt in his skivvies!

Anonymous said...

Get to the Doug Fir in Portland

Alfred said...

Richmond isn't the same without you.:)

Anonymous said...

shame I didnt see you while you were in portland, hope you had fun though..would be amazing if you moved here...this is a great city..Leshrac

London Andrews said...

I will be back in Portland on Tuesday.... : ) If you'd like to hang out, I leave Wed afternoon.