Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spokane? Boise? Could mean a memory...

First off.... Portland, here I am!!

Advice on Flying:
Never fly US Airways,
No matter how cheap they are....
Frontier is way cooler.
They decorate their planes all nice and name them...
... today I flew on Wally the Wolf
and then Holly the Blue Heron.
They serve Sunchips! Yay Sunchips!

Sat next to a guy on the plane that is old chums with a mobster in the Philippines. He told me stories that were unbelievable - I do not even care if they were true - they were so entertaining, I have never been so entertained on a flight before....
He ate Macaroni and Cheese, only to find out they
were cow entrails... and he saw a chicken rodeo
in Wyoming... he went golfing on a Volcano in Bali.
He was cool.

Need to go find Matt... but he hasn't called my phone yet.
I want to go get dinner and talk about how exciting the
week was.... Matt call me call me call me.... I am so lonesome
without you.....

Memo sent me some new photos... !!!

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The Cyklops Bunny said...

oh my goodness! them are great pics!!!! iv never been on a plain before, your live is cool!
eye kiss and love and pray for you!