Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cow Harbor Day....

Worked with this guy in the city today - Mr. Potter. And he makes this crazy giant artwork from tracing models on canvas. Basically the model chooses different objects (rocks, seashells, ext) and lays them on the canvas in a way that is very particular.... it represents them.

He made ginger tea and a tomato salad that was to die for - and then traced me in blue sticky tape (on right)... and he read me his poetry, which is created for each canvas, based on the model's name. If I can get this right, my letters would be L O N D A R E W S... which of many words, one of them he says, spells Wanderer.... perhaps it was the name that led me to wander so much. : )

Random note... Today is Cow Harbor Day. It is a celebration held in Northport Long Island which celebrates cows being shipped across the seas, into port, and onto steakhouse plates.... I have never seen so many little kids running around at knee height, I spent most of my time trying to repress my ever-increasing want to kick them. I just picture it... *kick* - small children bouncing, soaring, tumbling, dressed in small bovine costumes, Mooing at the crowd...... "Mooooo..." they'd go. "Mooo."

I have been having dreams of sun, lots of empty land, millions of new places to see, the top down on the mustang. I want to get back to Portland, dammit!
- someone hand me my keysl and a strawberry smoothie! It's time to get back on the road!

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The Cyklops Bunny said...

just want you to knoe im still reading your blog! eye kiss you!