Monday, May 14, 2007


Alfred said...

Sorry about the Car Probs. I'm sending you out some good CarMa. Get it? Kharma=Carma. :)

TJ said...

Isnt your mustang New and under warrenty, if not theres a problem roters going bad this soon is a serious problem, that shouldt be happening. Msg me on myspace or give me a ring . you had my number once upon a time and ill give you the number of a ford Mechaninc who will you give you a for real whats up.

London Andrews said...

My mustang isn't new - it's a 1999.... so there isn't any warrenty going on. It will just continue to fall apart and I will continue to fix it, because I love it. : ) Thanks for trying to help me out though, tj.

And Carma is prettttty clever. Ha.
Carma. I'm going to use that somewhere!