Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dear GWC's....

"Dear GWC's...... I love you guys,
Many of you are my good friends....
You are what allows me to travel the US
but when you are shooting me
Please do not zoom in on my crotch
- If I had a camera, I would not zoom in on your crotch
- Just because you have a camera, you should not zoom in on mine.
This is called a mutual respect

It makes me uncomfortable
and it also, makes me want to throw
your camera against a wall
jump on it a lot
light it on fire
and then dance around it

If you need a crotch shot,
head to photoshop
choose the cropping tool
and crop away!
If you shoot RAW images, Just think!
You could make a 4 foot wall hanging
..... of just my crotch!!
You could give it to your Mom for Mother's Day!!
Wouldn't that be awesome!!
Thanks for your kindness
and understanding in this matter.
Lots of Love,

But seriously, do you think I don't notice?
I am staring straight at your camera....
It's rude.....

Alright, now that I have gotten that off my chest....
.....it's time to get driving!!!!
See you in North Carolina!!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the day when gentleman respected a lady and there was repect and people kept their word when they give it to someone. I am sorry you are having so many issues with stupid guys photographers that just want to oogle a beautiful young lady.

London Andrews said...

It's ok that they oogle.... I just think they there are a lot of photographers that don't realize they're being sleazy. I feel this blog will help them realize it. Well hopefully. : ( Maybe they really just don't care.

will2obey said...

I'm afraid Virginia didn't treat you very well with the torrential rain and gale force winds. We're subject to getting nor'easters in the spring. So, did you ever get to Virginia Beach? A lot of us regard Newport News as the armpit of Hampton Roads, although there are some beautiful neighborhoods in that city. I'm not sure why you felt like you were in a foreign country. Was it because African-Americans make up about 20% of our population? There are also a lot of Asians because of the number of military bases. But, our ethnic groups get along well, by and large. My daughter is engaged to an African-American, and I have dated several women. I have always been amazed by the lack of ethnic groups when I travel to the mid-west, plains states, and the Pacific Northwest. In LA and San Francisco, the ethnic groups tend to live and work in their own neighborhoods instead of mixing as we do in the South.

London Andrews said...

Yea the weather was really gross this time around and driving to Raleigh was total rain from Newport News to Durham. I have been to VA beach, though, with my family.... when it's nice out. It's a good place to be.

As for the ethnic groups, I just wasn't ready for them. I spend tons of time in NYC, where the population is a giant melting pot of cultures - it's lovely and expected. Somewhere in my head, I expected VA to be all conserative white catholic republicans with american flags on their front porches.... it was weird to find out otherwise.

Alfred said...

Virginia is also the Personalized License Plate Capital of the world. There are more personalized plates than regular. Not that that is related to ANYTHING else, just kinda wanted to add that. We now bring you back to your regularly schedule blog.

Anonymous said...

#1 reason that I didn't enjoy Virgina? There weren't any trees..... god, NC is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Am I a GWC?

London Andrews said...

I don't know, AJ are you a GWC? I keep the GWC's to myself - don't want to get in trouble for name calling. : )