Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cowboys, Condos, and RainStorms.

When I started this trip.... I shot with a photographer in Maryland. He was a hobbiest, shooting on weekends.... His fulltime job is racing horses, running them from 3am-10am for training, he breaks them in. He lived on a horse farm in Montana. He is bad-ass kind of cool...  has piles of those funny little hats that you see people wear at the Derby's on TV.

When he tossed me the keys to his winter Condo in New Orleans, he said, "There is a giant bridge, one of the longest in the US, built across a lake on your way into Lousisiana.... it's really neat," Yea - Neat my ass!... Sky opened up right before the the bridge, lightning made it look like daylight, the gods made the ground shake, rain started pouring gallons of water all over every inch of my car.....Thought my windshield was going to bust from the shear force of how much rain was hitting it... Heavy, pounding, angry. Convertible top started leaking. I was more scared than I have been in my life. Couldn't see the road, my windshield wipers couldn't remove the rain before it was back again, couldn't stop because I was on a bridge, everyone was trying to pull over, dodging cars, my wheels were skidding across the water and I kept losing control..... I was sure I was going to die. That went on for over 40 minutes...... Not even joking...... I was so scared I started crying, and then realized that no one else was going to drive me car for me - so I stopped crying, pretended that I knew what I was doing, and just drove.... it was insane.

Point is, although really shook up, I did make it to the condo alive. It's a really nice place.... has a spiral staircase and a princess room, which I've recently taken over. All my stuff has been unloaded for the next four days.... and I Just got off the phone with my photographer for Saturday, he gave me a heads up on some local places to check out to get some grub. Really want to try some crawfish.... they look really difficult and hard to eat.... but I've heard they're good, so I'm out to give them a try.....


samantha grace said...

I have be caught in scary rain stroms like that when traveling. I was in PA, in the mountains. Trucks were blowing by me at 80 mph. I was going 45, and I was about to cry. I couldn't see anything. I made it to the truck stop, and waited for the rain.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

irshad said...

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