Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And then this giant bomb went off....

Not sure about New Orleans, because I haven't made it there yet. But Gulfport Mississippi looks like a nuclear bomb was dropped on it. Katrina did a number on this place, there are no stop lights - wires hanging from more wires. The beach is bare, all the gas stations/food places/casinos that were on the beach are just giant piles of rubble. Hotel/Restaurant signs are scattered all over the place, vacant lots on every block.... yesterday I was walking across the road - to the beach. And I walked right through someone's kitchen. They had green tiled floor. There are pools full of random junk and concrete... It's eerie.... the entire town is missing portions of their houses, most are vacant or under heavy construction.

The beach is really quiet.

Some would say that this place is really depressing, but I am just going to say that I enjoy walking down a white sandy beach. Without the giant shadows of a million looming condos over me, it's almost like I'm on a deserted island after the apocolypse...... I bought some groceries inland yesterday (since there aren't really any restaurants in Biloxi anymore, well other than McDonald's which rebuilt itself over night....but they are like rats, they can rebuild anywhere).... but I am currently living off fruit cups, tostadoes, and light beer.... it's a delicious way of life.

Bought my ticket for Bonnaroo yesterday.... so I am headed to the music festival in a few weeks. A small roadtrip, amidst my already long roadtrip. Should be good if I can learn how to sleep in a car (I suck at sleeping anywhere other than a flat, cushy surface.... if this means that I will have to find an RV to crash in, I will just have to do that...)


Stanley said...

Hey I am 40 minutes away from where that is if you want to stay here you can.

Stewie Hues said...

Hang in there kiddo!

You are almost to the Lone Star State.

HowGross said...

I envy your being free to travel the country. Even though it is work, enjoy what you can of it while you can.

New Orleans is still so sad to think about. I imagine it must be somewhat like a Ghost town.

Hang in there.

Samantha Grace said...

TN, AL, and LA are all hard places to book. I tried them before, very flakey. But at least you have a chance to visit.

Your travel diet sounds like mine. It keeps you trim, healthy, and full!