Sunday, May 13, 2007

Smith Mountain Lake

Speedy post - Lets do it....

Arose at Scott's shining brightly
Clean skin rubbed pink from a hot shower
Ready to take on Smith Mountain Lake
(my next stop along the map)

A photographer, whom I couldn't shoot with on the trip, really wanted me to enjoy my time in South Virginia..... Without asking and without strings attached, he booked lovely hotel room for me at the Westlake Waterfront Inn on Smith Mountain Lake. IT WAS FUCKING GORGEOUS! By far my most enjoyable day on this trip - The ride in was sunny, the top was down, Counting Crows was loud and sang until I nearly passed out on the wheel.... it was awesome..... Let me tell you. Not the passing out part, but all the rest of it.

Two photographers trekked out to my little middle -of- nowhere. We shot both indoors and by the lake, perhaps, they will share some photos for the blog. We'll see.

Went out to dinner with my last photographer of the day..... He attended that rodeo that Borat visited in his recent film, the rodeo where he sang that horrid anthem. Great piece of information, don't you think? The photographer thought that Borat should have been killed on the spot.... because making fun of our country is wrong. I don't know about you but, personally, I think that film was brilliant.... especially the part where he took his bag of poop to the dinner table. Oh oh oh, see!? I'm giggling now and people are staring at me....

He also thinks women shouldn't be in the military..... because we need to be home making babies - It was then, that I realized, that I had just hit 'the south'.

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T said...

There was a method to my madness, I want you back when we can shoot together! Hope the lake stays with you a long time. It captured me 14 years ago and shows no signs of letting go. My little piece of heaven.