Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Two Questions -

Someone told me once that most people go through life without answering either of these questions - Who are you? And what do you want? - I don't know about them.....

But at almost every shoot I go to,
I generally ask my photographers two things:
One - "Are you Married" and
Two - "What is your full-time job"

Sometimes photographers take this personally - but most the time they answer. I ask these questions not to pry but out of curiosity - Because with just two answers, I can learn so much about a person. I can spot the guys who love their wives, the ones who lie and cheat, the ones who have kids, the ones who take on photography as full-time. The list can just go on.....

Ready for some stats? Follow closely......
"Are you married?"

What I have found out is that most photographers that I work with are married. I would say about 80% are married and 20% are not. Out of all those men who are married,
only about 70% tell their wives and the other 30% do not.

So you have the 70% who know. These are the wives who support their husband's slightly 'different' hobby, wives that appreciate it, the wives who condone it but live with it, the wives who think their husbands are cheating on them, and the wives who go shopping for model wardrobe and make-up. The women who bake cookies, the women who leave threatening notes on the bathroom mirror, the women who wish their husbands were spending more money on house-related things. - Personally, I like the cookie bakers.

Now, 30% of married women who do not know what their husband's are up to.... they are not being informed because........They wouldn't approve. "She thinks I'm cheating on her,""My wife wants me to fix the kitchen up before I start working with models again".... blah blah blah. Here's my Dr. Phil moment - If you are with someone that you cannot openly talk about modeling photography - Then someday, you're going to get a divorce. And you know what? It has nothing to do with photography at all !!

"What is your full-time job"
The majority of people that I work with shoot part-time
I would say that 80% shoot part-time, 20% full-time
Always think it's funny when a photographer will write me and say "Photography is just a hobby for me, these photos aren't going anywhere, just my port... can you discount your rates?" But you see, over 80% of the people that I shoot w
ith are hobbyists. There is no way that I could afford to model all over the place if stopped charging. I would have to go home, get a secretarial job, and lie in wait that someday, some photographer would eventually stumble upon central NY and shoot me.

I just thought that an entry like this would help people see where they stand in the midst of things.... I am shooting in Silver Springs in 20 minutes. I better get moving!


Bill Mason said...

I am married and my wife knows I shoot nudes and actually likes the style of images I create. They show a woman's body as art and beauty and she appreciates that.
Oh, yeah...photography is my full time job. I have only been in business full time for a year.
I guess I screw up your averages a little.

Bill Mason

P.S. Thanks for the kind words and for posting my headhsot of you from Saturday night.

London Andrews said...

Well - see you fall into first majority there... you are married and you did tell your wife (that goes for most photographers). But I will say that you are very lucky that your wife supports you, not every photographer gets that kind of support.

But yes, if you are shooting full-time now - that does break the 2nd one. Most guys just do it for fun or on the side. : )

Yes, your photo is a great photo. Especially taken so quickly with all that new equiptment!!