Monday, May 7, 2007

The World's Got a Fever....

Cool name for a post, eh? It doesn't really have anything to do with what I'm going to talk about.... but while driving from Baltimore to Williamsburg.... I had tons of stuff to think about. And somehow, I started thinking about how cozy and warm it was with the top down, which led me to think briefly about global warming, which led to the world being 'sick' with pollution, which made me think about how .....The World has a Fever. I like it. Someone turn it into a song and give me some props in the credits.

I just googled the phrase "World's got a fever" and this is what it came up with: - If the world has a fever, where are we going to put the thermometer? Quickly bring me a Democrat!!

So for the first time, on this trip - I find myself in a hotel where my computer cannot pick up a wireless signal. Usually my laptop is a clepto wireless machine!! - It can pocket a signal from a quarter mile away!! But this time I've been forced to visit a local Panera's (oh no!) to get my work done. I think I've been sitting here for about four hours now... people are giving me funny looks and the lady passing out free Cinnamon bread to the other tables has begun to skip me (Cinnamon Nazi biz-otch!).

Yesterday I shot with a talented guy with cool sneakers.... Wish I could tell you about the amazing project he's working on, but I am pretty sure it's top secret. So you'll just have to wait until the coffeetable book comes out. : )


Alfred said...

Great, now I gotta go to Panara Bread for lunch.:)

TJ said...

Raliegh is an awesome city, i think youll like it.

Jeff said...

Was so nice to meet you yesterday! I had a lot of fun, wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks for a great shoot!!!

Have fun during your journey! Be careful out there and stay safe!!