Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The hobbiest...

Many photographers are hobbiests -
That means that they don't mind
putting money down for models
- because photography is their 'fun-time'
Just like some guys buy motorcycles or boats.
Other guys will buy a bunch of photo-gear
and buy themselves some photoshop
They will just go to town with it.

But just because they are hobbiests -
- that doesn't mean that they only snap pictures as a hobby.
I've met guys who collect the baseball hats of celebs
They collect bobbleheads, pictures of Marilyn Monroe,
The paint dolls, they own every copy of the marvel comics
They can tell you about every country they've visited
They are part of the fire-department - but as a hobby.
Some collect plants.... I work with a guy in Houston
He collects exotic plants from all over the world.
He literally lives in a jungle of exotic flowers.
There are a lot of photographer who collect car stuff
and then they put models in front of their car stuff.
It's a mixing of many hobbies, I suppose.

Right now I am staying with Lynn....
and when he isn't off spending his money
on beautiful models.... he is collecting and building all this:

~He handpaints Birdhouses

~Collects Salt and Pepper Shakers

~Collects Puppets! (See the Talaban one!?)

~Brewery Mugs

~Photography and books

He also collects german beerstien, antique cameras, native american art, oriental art (there is an entire room), he travels to take photos of balloon festivals, he collects books on history and travel, he also paints in miniture soldiers which he is currently running into the house to show me..... haha... he's so funny. Anyways, the hobbiest shooters - are usually plugged into other outlets as well..... and I think it's fun to see what makes a person that particular person.

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