Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ok, so you know how you live in a town?
Or perhaps it is a city?
I'm not really sure where you live, but anyways,
But in your town/city, you probably have
a Wendy's, a McDonald's, or a Burger King.
Up and down your highways,
you probably have a few bulletin boards which
advertise things like car rentals,
hotels, and geico commericals......
But you don't really pay much attention to them..
....because they've been around for awhile
You're just used to seeing them.

Did you know that the entire US is just full of
Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger Kings?
Circuit Cities, Outbacks, Days Inn, Verizon Wireless,
, Red Carpet Inns, Enterprise.
Full of grease, trans-fats,
diesel, dollar signs, and shitty cars?
You think it's just here and there,
but seriously, it-is-everywhere.

I drive.... and sometimes I feel sick.
There will be acres and acres of trees,
run down by bulldozers
For a Sign that says, "Got Milk?"
or "Adult Novelties, Turn Left and Jerk it"
It is just shitty.

I wish I lived back in the 50's and 60's.....
when every city had it's own culture
It's own little habitat.
If you are thinking about doing a roadtrip,
right now I would tell you to
pick a small town, a small state, something
untouched like Vermont or Maine
Because every city you drive through,
is just another city... just like your own.
What state am I in? I keep forgetting


Shad said...

This is so true, I despise all the "development" going on all the time. It turns my stomach everytime I see a beautiful section of trees getting plowed over so a new Starbucks or a bunch of cookiecutter houses can be built. I live in southwestern Ohio and there are some very beautiful areas that are completely ruined by the constant need for unnecessary expansion.

samantha grace said...

I was just talking about this the other day. I long a lot of road miles, and it depresses me that every city is the same. That all you see for miles is corporate resutrants and stores. It makes me sick!

I always try to go to mom and pop's resturant or the funky little bar when I travel.

I hate that trees are ripped down for shopping. Seriously, how much shopping can people do?

I am the kind of person, I will shop at a funky little anqtuie shop rather then Wal Mart or the Mall.

I love AZ as well. I considered moving there in the middle of no where. But the standard of living is high. What is $100,000 to you and I, would be a $400,000 there.
I could only aford a shanty there.

When going on modeling road trips, ask photographers the best places to go locally. I also drive into small towns, even if it is 15 miles from the interstate. At least you get to see and do something different. You can only stand so many Burger Kings and Starbucks!

When I was last in Dallas, I found a location with two Starbacks acrossed the street from one another. I wish I had a photo!