Saturday, May 12, 2007

To Beer or not to Beer?

Being heavily intoxicated....
May be an incredible catalyst for getting laid
It is also wonderful for when you see live music.
Ride horses, jump rope, and sing funny songs...
But being heavily intoxicated
... does not really work the best for modeling

Two days ago, well three now because it's past midnight... I was in Raleigh, NC - Shooting with KC. This is a snapshot of his wonderful, almost SoHo type studio. All brick and unfinished walls and things. Absolutely lovely. The mural was done by one of his friends.

I believe the story is that KC locked the man in the studio with a case of beer and some wine. Returning the next morning, this wonderful wall of black and white movement had been created. Perhaps beer is also a great catalyst for art (although not modeling).... In college most of my friends created their best work while they were either ridiculously high or wasted.

After shooting with KC, I headed over to a very talented female photographer's place. Her name's Lauren, she shoots film.... her black and whites are deliciously yummy. In return for shooting with her - I was getting a free place to crash for the night. When KC's phone rang and he said to the person on the other line, "You better come by, I have two bottles of wine here for you."... I should have known that I would be running around Lauren's house all night.... totally naked, chasing a just as naked soon-to-be soccer mom, toting a six pack of beer, with those fake eyelashes barely holding on.

Normally shoots wouldn't work like that - Getting drunk at a regular shoot is both unprofessional and dangerous (in my opinion, it sets you up for a lot of nasty situations as well) - but I think Lauren's shoots are supposed to be just wild, crazy, drinking madness.....

There is so much that I would love to tell you about that night
..... if I could remember it...... but I can't.
What I do know, is that when I rolled over in the morning,
they were cracking beer open at 8am...
As for the images, I can only hope that whatever we shot comes out pretty
that Lauren made some magic happen
and that I remembered to suck in my tummy.....

Never been at a shoot while intoxicated
- and I don't think I will be doing it again anytime soon
Somehow I lost KC's money,
I had to pull over and puke about 4 times on my way to Roanoke
and I nearly hit a wild turkey - it could have been tragic.

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KC said...

Yikes! Sorry your visit in Raleigh turned out to be a long, biblious descent into hell. Seems you got the respite you deserved when you finally made it to Smtih Mountain Lake. Stay in touch.