Thursday, May 17, 2007


Jeff said...

Well, was it Mr Tyler????

London Andrews said...

It twas... : )
And I knew it.

Jeff said...

Well, did you talk to him? Get a pic with him? Get his autograph?

London Andrews said...

No, because I'm not like that.... I said Hi, and asked him if he was in Aerosmith, he shook his head Yes, and I told him that I liked his music.... and left.

If I was him, I wouldn't want to be bothered by stupid people on the street.... even me

Samantha Grace said...

I love and hate Pandra. But I love the free wireless!

Are you sure he was from Aero Smith?

I have lied to people before, just to make there day. I was in Hollywood right in front of another models apartment. She lives right off of Hollywood BLVD. Well, this teenage girl walks up to me, and said "Hi Dita Von Teese."
She was grinning ear to ear. I waved back, and said "HELLO".

We were acrossed the street from on another. I had a sundress on, full fashioned stockings, high heels, and sun glasses. I think it would be an easy mistake.

But rather then tell her I wasn't who she thought it was. I just waved, and descided to make her day. If I would have said, sorry I am not Dita. She would have been more then like embrassed. She probably told her friends back home in the midwest about the encounter, and in away I made her day with a lie.